Baby born with frightening condition. But what hospital staff do—mom tells it all online

The baby was on the brink of death. For a week, she was in the NICU as doctors tried to save her life.
March 19, 2018 1:23 pm Last Updated: April 5, 2018 4:49 pm

Many people share photos of their children online, showing friends and family how much they’ve grown up over time. But for one mother, those photos have an extra special meaning—snapshots of a life her daughter was never guaranteed to have.

Over the two years since her daughter was born with a frightening respiratory condition, an Imgur user named “MrsGarrison” has been sharing her story, giving updates about her baby’s condition—and recently, she wrote a new post with some major news.


In 2016, Garrison’s daughter Evelyn was born. But soon, the baby girl showed signs of a problem:

“When she was a week old she started acting weird, very fussy, wouldn’t eat,” Garrison said.

One night, Evelyn woke up late at night with a dangerously high fever, and her mom rushed her to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital NICU.

Doctors discovered a heart murmur and fluid backing up into her lungs; she was diagnosed with a ventricular septal defect (VSD).


The baby was on the brink of death. For a week, she was in the NICU as doctors tried to save her life. She was given an echocardiogram and prescribed antibiotics. Her scared mother waited by her side for good news.

“I slept [every] night in the NICU until she was breathing on her own, her fever disappeared, and her heart rate slowed down,” Garrison wrote.

Thanks to the hospital’s efforts, Evelyn was eventually able to go home with her mother—and grew up as a normal and healthy toddler.

Garrison shared a photo of her daughter at five months, and thanked the hospital staff for everything they did.

“To the nurses who forced me to eat … who covered me up with blankets while [I} slept… and who cried with me as I faced one of the scariest events of my life…….. thank you. To Cincinnati Children’s Hospital NICU…. thank you,” she wrote.

“Thanks for letting me bring home this beautiful little girl.”


After one year, Garrison shared another photo of Evelyn.

She once again thanked the hospital for saving her daughter, and said that she was developing well:

“She is a joy,” Garrison wrote. “She is so funny. She is talking. Laughing. Self feeding.”


And recently, Garrison wrote another post on Imgur, reposting her original photo of Evelyn in the hospital:

“You may remember this photo, or maybe not,” she wrote. “This was my daughter Evelyn at a week old, hours away from potentially dying.”

But she also had some recent news about her daughter’s medical progress:

“Recently, Evelyn had a cardiology appointment to check on her heart. At the appointment, I was very tense and on edge, just wanting everything to be okay.” But Garrison’s worries dissipated completely when she got some incredible news:

Evelyn’s VSD was gone, and she was now in perfect health!


“Your daughter’s heart is 100%,” the doctor told her. “No restrictions on activity level and we don’t need to see you back.”

Garrison was thrilled: “I literally exploded with tears. I cried so hard my daughter got worried, climbed into my lap and gave me a hug ‘mommy, don’t be sad. I okay.'”

No longer having to worry about life-threatening medical issues and hospital stays, the mother and daughter are looking forward to a normal, healthy childhood ahead:

“Her favorite thing to do is dance to music and snuggle with me,” Garrison wrote. “Thank you for following this journey. She’s okay folks!”