Baby born with an unusually full head of hair. But reason for the glorious ‘do—doctors are ‘amazed’

"Never seen a baby with so much hair in all the time they have been working"
January 19, 2018 10:08 am Last Updated: January 19, 2018 10:08 am

Junior Cox-Noon was born with a head of hair, and by the time he was eight weeks old, had the kind of pelt on his head that left onlookers in awe.

Double-takes became a daily occurrence, and the baby’s mother Chelsea Noon told Mirror that the amount of time it took to run errands more than doubled.

“Usually it takes me about 40 minutes to do my weekly shop in Asda and now it takes me two hours,” she said.

But Noon understood why the bushy-headed baby attracted so much attention. The bouffant hairdo caught the eye—it was equal parts unusual and majestic.

Chelsea Noon, 32, gave birth to her third baby boy in Brighton, UK, in 2016. His head of hair quickly made him an Internet celebrity.

Facebook/Junior Cox-Noon

While most babies are born bald, it’s not unusual for soft baby hairs to dot the scalp of a fragile infant.

But Junior Cox-Noon had a of head of hair worth noting.

“When he was born it was quite thick but everybody said it would stop and that a lot of it would fall out,” Chelsea said.

But that never happened. Instead, it kept growing, and growing, and growing. She said there was never any loose hair where the baby slept or spent his time.

His full head of hair could be linked to the severe heartburn Chelsea experienced during the pregnancy. Studies suggest that heartburn in pregnant women can lead to hairy babies.

“The doctors say they are amazed and have never seen a baby with so much hair in all the time they have been working,” Chelsea said.

Facebook/Junior Cox-Noon

The distinguished updo grew vertically, resulting in the “fork-in-an-electrical-socket” look that made Junior a star.

It also informed the emergence of his personality, and inspired a nickname. The family called him “baby bear,” and said he dished out all the sass they could handle.

“We call him ‘Baby Bear’ because he looks like a little bear but when he’s angry he looks like a little gremlin,” Chelsea said.

“He’s got a little smirk he puts on he gives a little cry when he wants to be picked up and then you pick him up and he gives you a look as if to say: ‘Yes, I got my own way.’”

But Junior isn’t all poof and no pounds; he was a whopping 10 pounds at birth.

Facebook/Junior Cox-Noon

Baby bear was a big boy from birth. At a massive 10 pounds, Chelsea said it was her most laborious delivery.

“He ripped me and then his head got out, then his shoulders got stuck and I lost a litre of blood so it was quite traumatic,” she said.

And while most babies lose some weight after they are born, Junior continued to pack on the poundage. After only two months out of the womb, Junior weighed 13 1/2 pounds.

The mother of three said she didn’t intend to have any more kids.

Over a year old, the delightful ‘fro is gone, but Junior appears to be as buoyant as ever.

Facebook/Junior Cox-Noon

The hair continued to grow until it reached its critical mass. But now two years old, Junior ditched the ‘do for a more professional look.

Clad in his soccer uniform, he sits between his two brothers in a photo taken on their sofa. His older brothers smile for the camera, while Junior sticks his tongue out in a mischievous, adorable hell-raiser type way.

Junior is no doubt headed for great things in life, but he’ll always be best known for the remarkable head of hair in his baby photos.