Baby born 3 months too soon survives 5 months in an incubator

April 29, 2017 10:16 am Last Updated: April 29, 2017 10:16 am

This brave baby girl had stopped growing in her mother’s womb 15 weeks early and had spent five months fighting to survive in an incubator. No matter how tough it was, this little fighter would not stop battling for life!

When Isla Wilson was born, she weighed just 1 lb 12 oz and measured only 11 inches from head to toe. Her head was smaller than the palm of her mother’s hand. Doctors found that Isla had stopped growing and was almost starving to death in womb when her mother, Julie Wilson, went for a regular scan. So, Isla was delivered by emergency caesarean section.

Credits: Michael Traill

It was terrifying for 37-year-old Mrs. Wilson, an occupational therapist, from Newtonhill, Aberdeenshire to hear this unexpected news.

“It was such a shock. Isla’s heart rate dropped and she stopped moving. They just needed to get her out of me,” she told MailOnline. “It was terrifying because we had no control over the situation.”

The worried parents could not see her until five hours after her birth. However, upon seeing her, they believed little Isla had got a fighter’s spirit, as the nurse told them, “You’ve got a feisty one there.”

Mrs. Wilson thought that if her daughter hadn’t had that spirit of fighting for surviving, she could not have made it. “If she hadn’t had that fight in her, I don’t think she would be here now,” she said.

Credits: Michael Traill

Little Isla stayed in an incubator in Aberdeen Maternity Hospital for five months. She was fully ventilated three times. Her heart had been restarted by doctors at day four. She also suffered a bleed to her brain and had to wear a ventilator for about a month.

Before Isla was born, her mother and father, Steven Wilson, were warned by the doctors not to expect their baby to cry because her lungs were quite underdeveloped.

However, this fighter baby seemed not to succumb to fate. “She let out three little squawks like a cat’s meow and she opened half an eye and lifted an arm,” her mom explained. “It was quite reassuring.”

Credits: Michael Traill

When Isla was born, she was so tiny and fragile her parents could not hold her until she was on day 16.

“We were petrified,” her mom described her mood. “All your instincts are to protect your child. If she cried, I just wanted to pick her up but we couldn’t because of all the wires and tubes.”

“She could hardly move her limbs because she had so many needles in them.”

Mrs. Wilson recalled her satisfaction when she could finally hold her baby as “best cuddle ever.”

“She was inside my top and she just settled down and fell asleep. I just sat there with a big grin on my face.”

Credits: Michael Traill

Isla finally had fought through the tough five months in the incubator. Her mother shared her and her husband’s feelings during those tough days.

“In the beginning we couldn’t get past the next hour, then it was the next week and the next month. But as time went on and she got bigger we got more confident that she was going to survive.

“Things like her first smile, and even when she started bottle feeding, were all things we thought we would never see.

“We were too scared to think about it because we didn’t want to get our hopes up, in case something happened.

Brave Isla has finally won the battle of life and death. Having gone through the ordeal, Mrs. Wilson said she and her husband had learned that life is so precious that they don’t have to worry about unimportant petty things.