Baby born 14 weeks premature, with little hope of survival, now celebrates her 2nd birthday!

November 7, 2017 2:31 pm Last Updated: November 7, 2017 2:31 pm

Having been born 3 months premature, this little lass managed to survive in the face of all odds. Now, despite being half the size of other children her age, she is a healthy… and a cheeky two-year-old.

When she was born 3 months premature, Skye Robertson was still in the amniotic sac. Her skin was like tissue paper, with her organs all visible, and her eyes were fused shut. Even the holes in her ears had not yet formed. Doctors told parents, Nicole McGowan, and Anthony Robertson she had a very slim chance of survival.

However, she has defied all odds, and despite having a hole in the heart, Skye continues to amaze everyone.

“Reaching her first birthday really is a miracle,” said her mother, Nicole.

“She keeps beating the odds. She’s here, she’s healthy and cheeky.

“I think it was really hard for Anthony, at one point doctors were telling him neither Skyla and I would make it. He felt helpless.

“It was his first child so must have been even harder on him, but he put on such a brave face and managed to stay really calm.”

Nicole was scheduled for a cesarean section on April 5, 2015, as she was suffering from pre-eclampsia, but the night before surgery was to happen, doctors realized something was very wrong—and it turned into an emergency situation on the spot.

“They told me they had to do it straight away or she wouldn’t make it to midnight,” Nicole recounted.

“I remember them telling me an option was to let her pass away in my tummy, that is the one thing that will never leave me.

“I told them they had to at least try, and thankfully she was born and managed to breathe on her own.

“And it was one week after she was born before I could hold her or cuddle her, even then it was only for a couple of minutes at a time because her temperature would drop outside the incubator.”

Skye spent 3 months at various hospitals in her fight to stay alive.

“When we saw her in the incubator I couldn’t believe how small she was, I thought there was no way something so small and fragile could survive,” Nicole shared.

“But she just kept fighting, and I started to realize she was going to make it.”

“She’s our tough wee cookie. It is hard though, every step forward we take there’s about five steps back when she catches an infection or something,” said Nicole.

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Skye has now started speaking; and although she is still wearing clothes for children 0 to 3 months of age, she is healthy.

Credit: Facebook | Nicole McGowan

Good luck Skye! And we want to wish you a very happy second birthday!