Autistic boy goes missing and you won’t believe who found him

October 26, 2017 6:36 am Last Updated: October 26, 2017 6:51 am

To a parent, there a few things worse than losing a child. The very idea of a child disappearing or having something horrible happen to them can send shivers down their spine. Yet, for Mississippi mother Chelsea Noble, this was more than just an ugly thought. It became a reality when Noble noticed her 2-year-old son, William, was not home one morning.

Noble called the police and they began to search the rural area. They used dogs, helicopters, and an army of police officers to try to find him but, alas, William was nowhere in sight. The only clue that they had was a set of footprints from a nearby forest.

Yet it wasn’t just his footprints that they found. There was another set of tracks alongside the boy’s. It was clear that, wherever he was, he was not alone but it was unclear whether these extra prints came from a friend or a foe.

The police suspected that William was abducted, and, when they reported this to Noble, she did not take it lightly. She was especially worried since her son is autistic and does not speak, so it was doubtful that he would make any audible cries for help.

The police force knew they had to find William before it was too late. They still had no idea where William was. After hours of searching they were no closer to finding him.

Surprisingly, it was not the police who ultimately saved the day but rather a 10-year-old boy named Blake. Blake had just gotten dropped off by the school bus when he heard some unusual sounds nearby. Following the sounds he found a dog scratching around an abandoned truck. It was obviously trying to alert people to something inside.

Blake looked in and saw a small child, so he immediately ran to get his uncle and the two of them returned to the truck together. Blake’s uncle forced the window open and reached in to unlock the truck door to get the child out. It was none other than William Noble. The little boy seemed to have been sleeping inside.

William was reunited with his mother shortly afterward. Who would have thought that a ragtag group like a dog, a 10-year-old, and his uncle would be the ones responsible for such a major rescue?

According to the authorities, it’s very likely that William had walked out into the woods on his own, with his pet dog following him. This dog, named Jezebel, protected him throughout the forest. And she seemed to have done a good job. Apart from a few scratches and ant bites, William left the woods completely unharmed, according to WLOX. Thank goodness he was okay!

How did the police reach this conclusion? Well, it all comes back to that extra set of footprints. As it turns out, they weren’t human prints at all but paw prints. They seemed to have been made around the same time as William’s, so they had to have been walking together.

Shortly after the group returned with William, Noble was interviewed by WLOX where she was visibly relieved to have him back.

“They got my baby. That’s all I could think was ‘They got my baby’. I was happy. I was so happy. My kids are my life. I wouldn’t change them for the world,” she said.

While this might seem like a happy ending, things aren’t quite that simple. According to WLOX, Chelsea Noble was charged with misdemeanor child neglect and the case is ongoing.

Regardless, the fact that William was able to make it out of the woods alive and well is truly a miracle, and the heroism of the unlikely trio that found him is not to be understated.

In fact, when Blake went back to school, he got the superstar treatment from his classmates and teachers, including a special lunch for all the children bought by the principal. He also got special recognition from the county sheriff.

Blake was just glad he was able to help save the boy.

“I might remember it the rest of my life,” he told WLOX about the rescue.

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