Autistic boy discovers apartment building garage on fire—it doesn’t stop him doing this

May 28, 2018 4:46 pm Last Updated: May 28, 2018 4:46 pm

People make all sorts of excuses not to help out: sometimes we’re too tired, or too hurt, or too scared to get involved. Or maybe it would cost too much money, or we’re not close enough to do anything meaningful.

But for one brave boy, excuses were furthest from his mind as his homes in his neighborhood burned.

And amazingly, despite all the challenges he has faced throughout his young life, nothing stopped him from doing the right thing.

Terrell Watts and his friends saw his neighborhood burning and jumped to the rescue.

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On February 20, a fire broke out in the garage of an apartment building in Stockton’s Caribrook Way, California. From there, it spread quickly to the upper floors and even caused part of the roof to collapse.

Though firefighters were quick to respond, they were not the first on the scene.

Since the fire had a chance of spreading to other homes the best thing for people to do was evacuate.

So, as emergency services were on the way, a brave young boy, 14-year-old Terrell Watts, and a group of other teens took it upon themselves to safeguard their neighborhood.

Terrell and his friends covered their faces and ran door-to-door to inform their neighbors.

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Terrell covered his face to protect himself from smoke inhalation. He then ran up and down the block to warn the neighborhood.  

We went over there to help the neighbors out and bang on the doors,” Terrell told Fox 40 News.

By the time firefighters arrived, everyone was safely outside and, due-in-part to the heroic teens, not a single person lost their life.

But even though each one of these teenagers are heroes, Terrell is particularly special: just weeks prior to the fire, Terrell was declared cancer-free.

Terrell suffered many challenges in his life—but he didn’t hesitate to help others.

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His rare form of blood cancer was diagnosed back in 2014, and he fought the disease for several years. In fact, at the time of the fire he was still recovering from his latest surgery.

“Putting his health on the line, his breathing, his respiratory—I got one hell of a warrior,” Tasha Miller, Terrell’s mother, told Fox 40 News.

Terrell was in remission as he ran up and down his block, hoping to safeguard the lives of his neighbors.

While that makes Terrell’s heroism even more special, it was not the only challenge he had to overcome; at 2 years old he was also diagnosed with autism.

“That’s the right thing to do—to help others.”

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But despite those difficulties, nothing could stop this young man from being a hero.

And not for recognition, fame or fortune, either.

For Terrell, his motivation was as heartwarming as it was simple.  

“That’s the right thing to do—to help others,” Terrell told Fox 40 News.

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