Austria’s mighty mobile flood walls can hold back 15 ft of floodwater—an ingenious initiative!

October 29, 2017 8:36 pm Last Updated: October 29, 2017 8:37 pm

In 2013, the water in the Danube river peaked at record-high levels, causing thousands of residents in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic to evacuate after being inundated with the extreme flooding. To keep residents safe at the time, engineers in Austria came up with an ingenious flood wall design. This groundbreaking initiative has been helping save lives since then.

This incredible flood wall was put to the test in Austria during the massive flooding in 2013. Temporary mobile flood walls, erected to hold back 15 feet (approx. 4.5 meters) of floodwater, protected the area, which would otherwise get inundated by the floodwaters.

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The structure of the mobile flood wall comprises two parts.

The first part of the structure consists of permanent underground pillars, placed in huge 5-meter-deep (approx. 16 foot) solid footing, built of aluminium and concrete, which surrounds the entire riverbank.

Whilst the second part consists of removable and adjustable barriers made up of horizontal thin slats, and which are fitted on the vertical pillars to form the wall. The number of slats put in place on the pillars institute the wall, which can be adjusted based on the level of flooding.

“The system is based on an underground wall, protecting an area against groundwater that rises simultaneously with the level of flood waters. The depth of the underground wall is based on a bedrock and subsequently determines the height of the barrier,” a U.K.-based company, Flood Resolution Co. Ltd., revealed, as reported by Elite Readers.

According to IBS Technics, “the highest and most spectacular mobile flood wall was completed in December 2010 in Grein, with a total barrier height of 3.6 meters on a base wall that’s one meter high.”

“The system protects the land behind it to a flood level of 4.6 meters at the upstream end of the site—a height which is equal to the upper storeys of the adjacent properties,” the paper explained.

The mobile flood walls erected in Grein, Austria, are one of the six wall sections of the greater Machland Dam project.

This is such a brilliant idea! Perhaps other cities should consider implementing these mobile flood walls too.

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