Poor cat was ignored and stuck in attic for 13 long years — before the right person finally reached out

August 22, 2017 1:29 pm Last Updated: November 5, 2017 12:37 pm

For 13 years, a gray and white, green-eyed cat was stuck in the musty attic of a couple’s home with no light or companionship. She was neglected and shunned, and the people in the house only wanted her out—but found it too much trouble.

After over a decade, the couple called the Humane Society of New York with a harsh request.

“I hate this cat and this cat hates me — and my wife hates her, too,” the man on the other line said. And now, they were going to move house, and needed “to get rid of her.”

So the Humane Society decided to take the cat in.

It wasn’t an easy task, and it took a couple of days.

For the first two days, the cat would not come out of the confines of its little attic.

“We put out a variety of food to entice her. She just hissed,” Humane Society associate director Annie-Marie Karash told PopSugar.

But after tons of patience and love, the cat was coaxed out of its musty hole.

Karash took her back to the shelter where they gave her the name Andrea. In just a short period of time, it seemed like her personality changed completely.

“Now, Andrea is comfortable and unafraid when a hand goes to pet her under her chin. With an abundance of love, kindness and nutritious food, she is thriving until we find her a proper home.”

“No longer living in the musty darkness, she rolls on her back to catch every ray of sunshine that streams through the windows,” the shelter wrote.

And in just six weeks, Andrea was adopted. The shelter says that a lady looking for “a cat to love, cook for, and to keep her company while she listens to opera” just fell in love, and now this beautiful cat has a loving home.