At 2:00AM in the pouring rain, this devoted father kept working hard for his daughter’s wedding

July 19, 2017 2:01 pm Last Updated: December 28, 2017 4:04 pm



We often take for granted how hard our parents work for us. Their devotion is one of humanity’s universal principles. It does not matter where you are from, heartwarming examples of this unconditional love can be seen everywhere.

For instance, on July 14th in Pakistan, Muhammad Usman, an engineer, was driving down a deserted road at 2:00AM. It was raining hard, and those who were still out were rushing home.

However, a man on the street caught Usman’s eye. He was an older gentleman who was waiting on the street selling wares. He did not have rain gear, nor did he have an umbrella.

A man was standing in the rain at 2:00AM selling flowers.

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“Why is he getting wet in the rain?” Usman wrote in a Facebook post. “Doesn’t he know it’s 2:00AM?”

Concerned, Usman parked his car a few blocks away, and then approached.

The man, Baba Hameed, was selling jasmine garlands to passersby. However, business was not so good; it was 2:00AM and raining heavily—no one stopped to buy the garlands.

Usman took the man for a beggar and offered to buy Hameed dinner. To his surprise, Hameed immediately accepted the offer and the two retired to a local Subway.

Over a sandwich and tea, Hameed, drenched from head-to-toe, relayed his story.

Hameed was trying to raise extra money to pay for his daughter’s wedding.

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He was out in the rain because of his daughter, Hameed told Usman. She will be be married at the end of July and while he had saved up some money for her wedding, he was still short of 50,000 Pakistani Rupee’s (just under $500).

Hameed only makes around 200-300 PKR’s ($2-3) each day and with the wedding date looming he needed to make extra money.

“How can I go home until I earn my targeted amount?” Usman relayed Hameed’s words in a Facebook post.

Usman was touched by this father’s devotion. On top of paying for the meal, Usman offered to post the man’s story to his Facebook page, As If I Have Eaten, and try to raise money for him. Not only that, but he also offered to give the location where people could find Hameed if they wanted to buy his garlands.

Usman posted Hameed’s story to social media, and donations poured in.

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However, Usman did not offer charity. Instead, to soothe the father’s pride, he requested a special garland for his help.

The story went viral, and within two days of its posting Usman had reached enough donations to fulfill Hameed’s needs.

While an amazing story of kindness and devotion, it is just one of the many thousands of examples of how parents work hard for their children everyday. Hameed’s story is the story of all our parents.