An adopted woman is overjoyed to find her biological brother—but then he reveals an even bigger shock

September 8, 2017 12:39 am Last Updated: November 24, 2017 5:48 pm

Being a child of adoption can be difficult, and leave you with a lifetime of questions: Who was your birth family? Do you have any lost relatives out there thinking about you? With the rise of social media and ancestry websites, many people have sought out their origins.

Christina Housel, from Washington state, was one such person—but the search for her family led to even more revelations than she ever imagined.

Christina was adopted from birth and always wondered about her origins.

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But it was only as an adult—and after starting a family of her own—that she decided to set out and do some research. After a long time of digging online, she made a shocking discovery.

She had a brother.

Her research led her to a man named Lyle James Berryman, who lived in Arizona. She reached out to the man who she believed was her long-lost sibling.

Lyle was in disbelief.

“I think he was pretty skeptical,” Christina told Inside Edition about his response.

But if he was skeptical, one piece of evidence won him over: a photograph of Christina in her naval uniform.

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Lyle looked at the photo, and the resemblance was undeniable: this was indeed his sister.

“When I saw [her] photo, I knew she was my sister,” Lyle said. “She looks like me.”

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And it wasn’t just the physical resemblance: the long-lost siblings were stunned to learn that, by sheer coincidence, they had both served in the military. Lyle had served in the Army, fighting in Iraq.

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The two finally met for the first time, a happy reunion for both.

“Meeting him and comparing him to me is just mind-blowing,” Christina told Inside Edition.

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Little did she know, that was only the beginning.

When they met, Lyle dropped another bombshell. They weren’t alone.

They have even more siblings—a pair of twins.

Unlike Christina, Lyle was raised by their biological mother. Before she died, she informed him he had two siblings somewhere, twins.

He was never able to find them. The news came as another shock to Christina—she just found out about one brother, now she was finding out there were two more!

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So the united brother and sister decided to team up and make it a complete family reunion.

They set out to find their missing siblings.

When their research came up short, they decided to try using Facebook to track the twins down.

They posted a photo of themselves holding handmade signs, explaining their situation and everything they knew about the other siblings, hoping someone would identify with the info.

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The post went viral with over 200,000 shares. But it was still a long shot. The siblings waited for a response.

And then, one day, they got one.

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Two sisters, Lauren Rutherford and Ashley Bo, saw the post—and realized they fit the description perfectly. 

“It was like, ‘Holy cow, could this really be them?'” Lauren recalled to Inside Edition.

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Lauren and Ashley reached out to Lyle and Christina, and after comparing photos, they confirmed what they suspected:

They were siblings.

It was finally time for a (complete) sibling reunion.

The quartet of long-lost relatives finally met up. It was a joyous occasion, full of hugging and laughter. They marveled at their physical resemblance—especially their similar noses—and joked as they shared old childhood photos.

But the reunion was also bittersweet. As Ashley and Lauren were looking at the photos, they became emotional as they realized they were finally seeing their birth mother for the first time.

“It just kind of hits you because you are actually looking at her pictures,” Ashley told Inside Edition.

But overall, it was an amazing time for everyone. The siblings took plenty of photos and toasted their drinks to family—one they discovered late, but are no less thankful for.

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