Amputee cat learns to walk again after getting prosthetics

May 30, 2017 5:39 pm Last Updated: May 30, 2017 5:39 pm

Pooh the amputee cat got a second chance at life when he got these amazing new bionic legs.

We’re not sure if anyone said, “We can rebuild him!,” during his surgery like in the classic sci-fi meme, but there is at least a chance somebody did. Either way, it worked!

Nobody is sure on just how Pooh got hurt in the first place. (Source: YouTube/New York Post)

Nobody is entirely sure what happened to Pooh, although he likely survived being hit or run over by a car or train in the small Bulgarian village where he was found.

Fortunately, a kind woman found him and took him to a clinic in Sofia, the country’s capital. Pooh then found a new angel of mercy in veterinary surgeon Vladislav Zlatinov.

By all accounts, the surgery was a success! (Source: YouTube/New York Post)

Zlatinov had no choice but to amputate the poor cat’s legs, but came up with the idea of giving him prosthetic replacements. The procedure was tricky, and he risked euthanizing Pooh.

According to Bored Panda, “I had the vague idea that this is done, but it sounded impossible for our practice,” Zlatinov said. “But I wanted to try.”

Poor Pooh had to lose his legs and almost his life! (Source: YouTube/New York Post)

Fortunately, the procedure appears to have been a success.

“He’s doing surprisingly well so far,” Zlatinov said. “Pooh can move freely on flat surfaces — walking, running, even making small jumps … What’s important is that he doesn’t seem to be in pain.”

The medical procedure was risky. (Source: YouTube/New York Post)

Pooh’s story might also be good news for future cats who end up in his position.

“We’re very proud,” Zlatinov told Reuters in a statement, “It was quite a success … It gives hope to other patients.” Thank goodness Zlatinov will not have to go down in history as the Doctor Frankenstein of cats!

Pooh got a happy ending! (Source: YouTube/New York Post)

There is more good news for Pooh beyond his new legs. Pooh is currently being housed at a Let’s Adopt Bulgaria pet shelter, where he is expected to soon be adopted. Who wouldn’t want a cyborg cat? At the very least, it sure makes for one heck of a conversation starter!

Watch the video below!