All his life, he had nothing to do with birth family. But he hears about birth grandma—had to visit

December 30, 2017 3:43 pm Last Updated: December 30, 2017 3:43 pm

As the son of an adopted mother who has two adopted siblings, I know that there are two schools of thought that come from adopted kids. Some are immensely curious to see what their birth-family is like while others are perfectly content with their adoptive families and have no desire to seek out biological relatives. For 18 years, Zachary fell into the latter category but everything changed when his birth grandma developed lung cancer.

She was in terminal condition. Not knowing how much longer she’d be around, her dying wish was to meet her grandson at least one time before she passed. Zach’s adoptive mother (who wished to remain anonymous) told Zach the news, giving him a choice of whether or not he wanted to visit.

Zach didn’t hesitate at all and, on December 23rd, he was at his grandma, Sheila Gibson’s house.

Zach’s biological mother, Candice, opened the door for him and introduced him to a number of other family members including an uncle, a cousin, and a small dog. Yet the most notable of introductions was to Sheila, of course. When Zach was first introduced to her, she covered her eyes and cried. She then rushed to Zach and gave him a big hug.

(Facebook/Love What Matters)

“Oh my god! …Thank you so much!” she said with an arm around Zach’s waist.

She kept hugging and expressing gratitude for several minutes. Candice took notice and told her mother, “I just couldn’t think of any Christmas present better than this one”.

When Zachary’s mother posted the video to the Love What Matters Facebook page, it became an overnight viral success with more than thousands of likes, and many comments being very supportive.

Whether or not Sheila lives to see Zach next Christmas remains to be seen but I’m certain that, for Zach and Candice, this will be an event that they remember for the rest of their lives.

[via Magic Mum]