Air Force vet visited Disneyland a record-breaking 2,000 days in a row

July 5, 2017 1:58 pm Last Updated: July 5, 2017 1:58 pm


As children, we all wanted to run away to the lands we heard about in stories and movies, meeting our favorite characters and having the time of our lives.

This man decided to turn his childhood fantasies into reality, and he broke a Guinness World Record because of it!

Jeff Reitz, a 44 year-old Air Force veteran, found himself out of work, so he decided to use his free time to take advantage of a Christmas present he had received from a friend: annual park passes to Disneyland.

He started going to Disneyland on New Year’s Day, 2012, and never looked back.

Reitz doesn’t always spend the whole day at the park. He says he just visits long enough to lift up his spirits. Reportedly, the park not only gave him something to look forward to, he even claimed that each new visit was better than the one before. According to the Orange County Register, “It was something to do to keep things fun,” Reitz said. “It’s become a living breathing thing along the way.”

He managed to go to the park 2,000 days in a row and set a new world record!

His favorite ride is the Matterhorn, which he is quite nostalgic about. “I have memories of riding it with my mom and holding onto my blankie,” he said. “I love sitting in the front row, holding the handle and leaning into the turns.” But he admits he really enjoys everything.

“There’s nothing I would turn away from.”

He’s also eaten at nearly every restaurant at the park, with his favorite being the pasta served at “Pizza Port.”

When asked for advice about his routine around the park, he said, “The number one thing I tell people is to bring your patience.”

“With the summertime crowds and the heat I tell people to relax and have fun.”

While he eventually managed to find work at the Long Beach Veterans Administration Hospital, he admitted he wasn’t sure when he’d stop going to the park altogether, saying, “My current pass is good until January of 2018, then we’ll see.”