Teen Thinks He’s in Trouble When Sent to Principal’s Office—But Watch When He Sees Who’s Waiting!

June 4, 2018 9:38 am Last Updated: June 4, 2018 9:38 am

When the principal calls you into his office, it’s almost never a good thing.

For this California teen, though, he was brought into the office on a bogus call of “bullying”—then actually given the surprise of a lifetime!

Filming in the background, sisters Marylou and Lorena Anguiano waited for their younger brother to get pulled out of class.

Lorena, a recent graduate in the Air Force, had just received her next duty station and was headed out for a couple of years—so before she left, she came home to visit and reunite with her family.

Given the amount of time that she’d already spent away, the family was clearly overjoyed to see the new airman. With the youngest sibling still in class, though, the two older sisters decided it was time to give him a wonderful surprise!

Their brother hesitantly walks through the door before he realizes his sister is hiding by the wall. His shock doesn’t last long, though, and he’s wrapping his sibling up in a giant embrace in moments, both tearing up.

The two eventually break apart and start talking about school, but the hug is enough to bring tears to your eyes; with a long few years ahead of them, the impact of the moment isn’t lost on either sibling despite their young age.

This just goes to show how the bonds of sibling love are revealed when brothers and sisters are apart, and even more so when they say farewell.