Just 2 Feet Tall, This Man Stopped Growing at 6 Months of Age—Can You Guess How Old He Is Now?

June 5, 2018 10:16 am Last Updated: June 5, 2018 10:16 am

From time to time, people are born with anomalous conditions. They could have hair growing all over their bodies, sport six fingers, grow too tall, or they don’t grow much at all. Although medical science has made much progress in recent times, its treatments are rather limited in some such cases and can cost a lot of money.

An example of a man with an unusual disease is Manpreet Singh, from Punjab, India. This 21-year-old, who weighs 15 pounds (approx. 7 kg), looks like a 6-month-old baby, and actually, he stopped growing at 6 months of age.

His family tried to seek help for him. “We have taken him to many doctors since his birth but around 5–7 doctors told us that he is suffering from thyroid and he can be treated,” said his father, Jagtar Singh. They didn’t have enough money, however, to pay for his treatment. And, although they gave him a lot of medicine, nothing had any effect.

Local doctor Hemraj said, “today science has developed so much that nothing is impossible. His treatment is also possible.” He believes that his condition is due to a thyroid malfunction.

Manpreet is treated well in the local community. People are fascinated by him and he has become the local celebrity. The family still believes that a cure for his condition exists, and hopes that if he becomes famous, they could get enough money for his treatment.

The person in this clip is no infant; this is a young man, but he’s less than 2 feet (60.9 cm) tall. Despite his looks and the fact that he doesn’t walk and talk, he still brings much joy to people.