After years of infertility, their longed for baby was born via a surrogate—but there was another surprise to come

October 10, 2017 2:22 pm Last Updated: December 2, 2017 5:39 pm

Whitney and Drew Britt had been trying to get pregnant for seven years. Doctor’s had no answers as to why they weren’t able to conceive, so they labeled their condition officially as “unexplained fertility.” To not be able to conceive was a difficult reality to accept, but not knowing why made it even tougher.

They had no answer to their infertility.


Feeling frustrated and disappointed and without any solid explanation took its toll on the young couple.

“It made everything worse,” Drew said in an interview with USA Today. “There wasn’t a level of closure that other people can get when they know why. There was no answer.”

So they looked for another way to become parents.

(Whitney Britt/Screenshot)

The Britt’s were not giving up. If this meant they needed to find another way to become parents, they were up for it. As they waited for a miracle, they decided to take things into their own hands.

Fertility treatments? Yes, they tried that… more than once. Not only was it expensive, but it also did not work.

Next they turned to IVF.

(Whitney Britt/Screenshot)

In 2013, they began the process of hormone injections and egg retrieval for in vitro fertilization. The hormones, which encourage egg production, made Whitney feel painfully uncomfortable, like she had stones in her side. Under surgery, the eggs were removed by doctors and combined with Drew’s sperm in a petri dish.

The hope was that the cells would grow and generate more cells. They did! It wouldn’t be uncommon for a couple in their position to only be able to harvest one or two of the cells for implantation, but the Britt’s had many. Medical staff kept them up to date on how many embryos survived daily and they were being contacted every day with good news in that regard.

But it turned out to be a road to despair.


The next step in the process was to implant a fertilized egg and hope that it would grow inside of Whitney. At $3,000 per attempt, the Britts’ disappointment was triple—there was no success. Age became a factor eventually that would only add to the stress and feelings of urgency to find something that would work.

“Every year that I turned older, I would fall deeper and deeper in despair,” Whitney said.

Well-intentioned friends tried to be supportive offering words like, “Stop worrying, it will happen when you least expect it.” That only seemed to add to Whitney’s frustration.  She began to resent people who were trying to support her. Normally a spiritual person, she targeted God with her anger, cried at church, and eventually stopped attending services. When she sought help from a counselor, it became apparent that she was looking for someone to blame.

“I was so mad,” said Whitney. “You are always searching for an answer. You are always searching for a reason. Since they couldn’t find anything wrong with me, I thought ‘It’s got to be God.'”

But did God have a different plan?

(Whitney Britt/Screenshot)

If Whitney was right about that, she was about to get a wake-up call from the big guy himself. The couple went looking for a surrogate. That’s when Whitney’s best friend from high school, Jamie Howell, showed up.

“You don’t think God has a plan, but when you look back, you really think, oh my goodness, he had a plan for us when we were 15, 14 years old that we didn’t even know about,” Whitney told Today.

Jamie had already had her own children, ages 20 and 8 at the time. With no plans to have more, the 38-year-old had a talk with her husband and they both wanted to try to help the Britts start their own family.

“I wanted to give her more chances,” said Jamie.

They announced their willingness to help as a Christmas surprise in 2014.

Jamie was a selfless friend.

After navigating through the bureaucracy of surrogate-hood, Jamie started fertility treatments which involved giving herself a daily shot in the stomach, taking birth control, and another daily shot in the hip. Keep in mind, there are medical risks involved and there is never a guarantee that this process will work. The only way to find out is to try, and Whitney’s selfless friend was willing and happy to do so.

It didn’t work on the first attempt. The Britts were devastated. But Jamie convinced the couple not to give up. And lo and behold, Crews Asher Britt was born on June 2, 2016. The long and painful journey was now a memory—a story to be shared in the future. But it was not the final chapter.

The family wasn’t complete.

(Whitney Britt/Screenshot)

After the painful few years of trying to start a family, Whitney had no intentions of going through any additional procedures to have a second child. It was just too painful to think about.

But one day, out of the blue, she realized her period was late. Whitney was pregnant!

“I thought I was hallucinating,” said Whitney after the pregnancy test showed the two blue lines. Whitney is due to have their second son in December of 2017, and they couldn’t be more elated. They even posted their announcement on social media with the hashtag #bythegoodolefashionedway. “It doesn’t feel real, it feels like a dream,” said Whitney.

Whitney wanted to thank her friends and share her story with others who may have been through, are going through, or maybe helping someone through the journey she and her husband traveled, so she made this video and posted it on YouTube for all to see: