After getting package stolen by thief, mother gets the ultimate revenge

December 12, 2017 9:41 am Last Updated: December 12, 2017 9:41 am

With the holiday season in full effect, online shopping is crazier than usual, and packages are being delivered nonstop everywhere. And if there’s one thing you don’t mess with, it’s a mother waiting on a Christmas package.

Angie Boliek had ordered Christmas pajamas online for her 4-month-old son, Ben, and it wasn’t backup PJs just in case Ben puked. It was going to be Ben’s first Christmas, so she ordered them so they would arrive in time for the yearly Christmas photo that the whole family takes in their pajamas.

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After waiting a few days, she received an email saying that the package had been delivered. But when she went to her front porch to get it, it wasn’t there.

She realized that someone had stolen the package!

Not having a camera in the front yard, or any evidence left behind, there wasn’t much she could do. She could’ve just ordered another pair of PJ’s, and waited for hours looking outside, checking to see if the thief would come again. But instead, Boliek came up with a plan to make sure this wouldn’t happen ever again.

She was going to give the thief her own special present.

She left a “package” on her front porch, which actually contained Ben’s dirty diapers, and hoped that the thief would come back and take it.

2 days ago a package was stolen from our porch so I filled a box with our sons dirty diapers and put it out there and it…

Posted by Angie Bullock on Monday, December 4, 2017

The box was filled with a dozen of Ben’s dirty diapers and a note from Boliek saying, “Enjoy this you thief!”

She posted a picture of it on her Facebook, and the post got more than 4,500 likes and about 3,400 shares. She said in the post “Make sure you sign for your packages,” so that something like this doesn’t happen to you. Otherwise one might have to take desperate measures like Angie.

She then prepared herself to play the waiting game. Whoever stole the first package probably thought that they could strike the same house again. But she didn’t have to wait long to get her answer.

She left the diaper package on her porch on Sunday, and by Monday, the package was gone!

Seeing this brought her a feeling of satisfaction. “Thinking about someone opening the dirty box of diapers, thinking they’re gonna get something good and it’s not,” gave the family a good laugh, according to KATU News.

The thief had fallen right into the trap. To make it even better, Boliek said Ben was sick that week, so the diapers themselves were “pretty gross.” Ben couldn’t have become sick at a better time.

The cops are still looking for the perpetrator, but there isn’t a high probability the thief would come back after opening the box.

Though the police don’t recommend Boliek’s method of revenge, they do recommend always getting a tracking number for your package. And if you don’t feel like constantly checking outside for it, you can choose to pick it up at a delivery center.

You could also get surveillance in your front yard, like Boliek now plans on doing. “Yes, we are working on getting a camera out front,” she said, preempting the obvious questions on if she had one.

Hopefully this never happens to Boliek and her family again, but if it does, let’s hope Ben is still wearing diapers at that time.

A local mom left a stinky surprise for the thieves who swiped …

A local mom left a stinky surprise for the thieves who swiped a package from her porch…DIRTY DIAPERS! Story:

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