After getting hit by drunk driver, man and dog are finally reunited

August 30, 2017 4:49 pm Last Updated: December 16, 2017 5:44 pm

When Chance Patterson was hit by a drunk driver one night, he lost more than his car—he lost one of his best friends.

While driving home from work on Colorado’s Interstate 70 one Saturday night in late July, Patterson’s car was hit head-on in a severe accident.

The collision left him with a broken leg, rib, and elbow, and a lacerated lung. But that was the least of his concerns. The only thing the 22-year-old had on his mind were his two dogs, Carlitos and Izzy, who had been riding with him in the car.

The trucker who had witnessed the accident and approached Patterson said that was the only thing the 22-year-old restaurant worker was interested in.

“Are my dogs OK?”

But tragically, the crash had killed his German shepherd Carlitos on impact, and pitbull Izzy was nowhere to be found.

“I asked if he could go look for my other dog,” Patterson told Today.

Patterson was brought to the hospital and treated for his injuries, while the entire community set out to search for Izzy. She had been seen near the scene of the accident but was too frightened to let anyone come near her.

That is until a Vail Doggie Day Spa employee decided to approach her. Izzy and Carlitos were regulars at the doggy day care, and in fact, Patterson had just picked them up from the Spa the day of the accident. Naturally, Izzy felt more comfortable around the employee she knew well.

“Izzy girl walked up right behind her and was beyond excited to find someone she knew was safe,” said owner Holly Walthers.

Carlitos and Izzy
Facebook/Vail Doggy Day Spa & Lodging

They immediately called Patterson and informed him that Izzy was in good hands, who was “crying and extremely thankful and happy.”

“I had no words,” said Patterson. “I was so happy. I thought I’d lost both my dogs.”

Izzy stayed at the doggy day care for almost two weeks while Patterson recovered, until they were reunited at last. Walthers said Izzy was “so excited to see her dad.”