After dropping hundreds of dollars on NFL tickets, a woman and her son are devastated to find out they’re fake—until a kind stranger intervenes

September 25, 2017 2:10 pm Last Updated: September 28, 2017 1:32 pm

Like many kids, Kademn Todd is serious about football.

“It’s my favorite sport,” he told KDVR.

Despite being from Denver, Kademn is a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys. So when the team happened to be coming into town to play the Broncos right around his eighth birthday, it seemed like fate—and Kademn knew what he wanted that year.


His mother, Kayla Lumbert, was happy to make her son’s birthday request a reality. However, she learned a painful lesson every NFL fan knows: Tickets can be hard to get.

Seats for the September 17th game sold out within seconds. But Kayla knew there had to be another way.

“It was really important to him, and I was determined to get the tickets,” she told KDVR.


After intense searching, Kayla thought she finally found a pair of tickets from a broker—but for an arm and a leg.

The third-party tickets cost $400 each.


Still, it seemed worth it for this rare opportunity to treat her son to his favorite team. She agreed to the steep price, and when game day arrived, the two headed to Mile High stadium.

But as they were entering, they received some devastating news.

The tickets were fake.


It was a crushing blow. Not only had they been scammed out of several hundred dollars, but their big day out was ruined.

“It was pretty devastating,” Kayla told KDVR. “He was in tears. He was crying and [I] was trying to stay composed myself so he wouldn’t freak out.”

But just when everything seemed hopeless, their luck turned around—thanks to the kindness of a stranger.

Patti Barban, a ticket manager at the stadium, heard about their situation and had plenty of sympathy for them, knowing how much they had spent to be there.

“If you think how much they sacrificed and saved the money to go to this game…” she told KDVR.

“It was very special. It touched my heart.”


So Barban decided to help the mother and son out and gave them the treat of a lifetime in the process.

She not only got them into the stadium, she hooked them up with amazing seats.

Kademn and Kalya were now in the first row, right on the 50 yard line—and right behind the Cowboys’ bench.


It was an amazing, above-and-beyond act of generosity. But for Barban, it’s all part of what makes the job worthwhile.

“We’ve all been there, something that didn’t work for our child,” she explained to KDVR. “And you just try and go up and get the lucky person, the lucky person who works at the back window who does this for a living.”

“I love it.”


Kayla and her son have never met the kind stranger who arranged their unlikely seat upgrade—but they’re incredibly grateful.

“She just did it out of the kindness of her heart,” Kayla told KDVR.

“She didn’t have to do that. It was pretty amazing.”


Kademn was also thankful to the woman who saved his birthday, and wrote her a thank you card.

His drawing makes it clear that, even though the Broncos staff helped him out, he’s still faithful to his Cowboys. But sometimes kindness transcends team rivalries.


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