After dog escaped from her backyard. Owner does this for 5 days straight to get her back

January 9, 2018 10:49 am Last Updated: January 9, 2018 10:49 am

Keeping dogs inside a yard can be tough. When I was growing up, we had two dogs: one who was big enough to hop the fence and another who was small enough to squeeze under it. Both dogs escaped regularly and we ultimately had to stop putting them out back altogether and opt for walking them instead.

Fortunately, neither ever strayed too far away or went missing for too long.

The same cannot be said for Jennifer Jones’s greyhound-podenco mix, who hopped the fence and stayed missing for 8 days straight.

VOLUNTEERS WANTED – Rosie's search party are in need of some volunteers who can help us search VERY discreetly and…

Posted by Lee Herron on Wednesday, January 3, 2018

It was just after Christmas. Thirty-three-year-old Jones was visiting her parents in Ayrshire, Scotland, alongside her two greyhounds, Rosie and Mini. She was planning to only stay for a day, but then the newly adopted Rosie decided to jump her parents’ fence and run off.

Jones searched high and low for her dog but couldn’t find her.

She set up a Facebook group, hoping that others in the area would be able to report sightings of Rosie.

Posted by Doreen Jones on Saturday, December 30, 2017

She was right. Over a dozen sightings were reported by the over 600-member group, with several instances of the same area popping up. With that, Jones moved on to phase two of her plan.

She knew that finding and capturing Rosie might require additional assistance, because Rosie is a rescued Spanish street dog and was very nervous. So she sought the help of two dog search groups: Harvey’s Army and Lost Dog Glasgow.

These groups gave Jones and her family non-lethal traps which would allow them to catch Rosie before she could run away again.

These late-night stealth missions were thrilling but also rather stressful and strange.

“I felt like I was in a film sometimes,” Jones told the Evening Telegraph, “People turned up with infrared sight scopes to help. It was so surreal. My body clock is upside down and I’ve only had about two hours sleep today.”

Knowing the main spot where Rosie liked to visit, Jones camped there for five days, waiting for her dog to come by.

Adventure scouts. I’m actually looking forward to a wee night under the stars. (If you see our tent, stay away, we are…

Posted by Jennifer Jones on Thursday, December 28, 2017

She gave up her New Year’s celebration just to find her dog, and it ultimately worked out.

After making a sudden decision to reset the trap in a new location, Rosie was found and caught on the evening of January 3, after 8 days on the loose.

She’s home everyone!

Posted by Alison Jones on Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Jones was ecstatic to be with her dog again and went on to thank everyone involved in the search, particularly those in the Facebook group.

“I’ve got a background in running campaigns on social media, but if this hadn’t worked we could have been in a worse situation,” Jones explained. “But I knew I had to be in this for the long game. We put our lives on hold to find her.”

Look who’s on page 3 of the Dundee Evening Telegraph tonight. 😍

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Jones also seeks to give back to all the charities that helped her in the search process. She launched a GoFundMe for them which has so far raised over $1,000 (£800) to support Harvey’s Army and Lost Dog Glasgow.

“I couldn’t have done this w/o dedicated volunteers helping us and the support of the community that’s formed around getting her back,” she wrote in a update.

Not only is Rosie safe at home, she’s perfectly healthy. Aside from worn paws from running around for a few days, Rosie shows no injuries, although Jones planned to take her to the vet just in case.

While it was difficult feat of endurance to get Rosie back, Jones said the spirit of the community of volunteers who helped in the search was wonderfully heartwarming.

“It pure filled my heart with joy to hear people were bonding over the search for Rosie,” she wrote on Facebook. “I definitely think whatever happened this Xmas that it’s brought people together in ways that are just incredible.”

But let’s hope Rosie doesn’t decide to go on any more adventures anytime soon!

Posted by Jennifer Jones on Sunday, January 7, 2018