After decades of suffering, 86-year-old granny discovers yoga and heals severe hunchback

August 12, 2017 7:45 pm Last Updated: August 12, 2017 7:45 pm

There can be whole set of new challenges that comes with age. Although you’ve lived through countless experiences throughout the generations, it doesn’t make living with chronic pain any easier, no matter how long you’ve suffered.

Sometimes, you don’t have much of a choice if you want to live a better life. But one 86-year-old grandmother decided to take a chance on the possibility of a change and made an incredible transformation. 

Things starting looking up for this 86-year-old grandma when she discovered yoga.


Anna Pesce had been suffering from a terribly curved spine caused by herniated disc, scoliosis, and osteoporosis for decades. The pain was so bad, she almost collapsed trying to walk up a set of stairs in 2014 while visiting her children in Wagener, South Carolina.

“I had this horrible pain shooting up my back…I had to be carried up the stairs and put into a wheelchair for the rest of my stay.”


Like many who suffer chronic pain, Pesce tried countless ways to feel better.

“I tried everything: acupuncture, a physical therapist and seeing a chiropractor,” Pesce adds. “You feel good temporarily, but [I’d be] in pain again soon after.”

Everything that is, except yoga.

Pesce’s granddaughter, a yoga teacher, introduced her to certified yoga instructor 28-year-old Rachel Jesien, who also happens to suffer from scoliosis and specializes in back care.


Jesien worked closely with Pesce in her home once a week, teaching her poses and stretches designed for her condition and ability. Slowly but surely, the 86-year-old started to feel better and regained confidence.

Within a month, Pesce was walking again.

“[Pesce] was timid at first, because just moving caused her so much pain,” said Jesien.


Nonetheless, Pesce persisted. She was a quick learner too, and they continued to do weekly sessions after almost two years.


The yoga exercises strengthen bone density and muscles and alleviate painful back conditions not uncommon to many elderly people.

Now, Pesce is a happy 87-year-old, and not only is she standing straight, she’s feeling better than ever and enjoying the simple things in life.

“I feel wonderful now because I can drive by myself and do the things I wasn’t able to do before,” Pesce says.


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