After catching his kids going crazy with paint, this father’s hilarious ‘lecture’ is a must see

"Who's idea was this?"
December 5, 2017 6:10 pm Last Updated: December 5, 2017 6:10 pm

Most parents can tell you that they can’t leave their child alone for five minutes without them getting into trouble.

Cris made the mistake doubly when he didn’t watch his two sons, Ryder and Sawyer. Once unsupervised, the 2 and 3-year-old set about making the biggest mess possible in the basement of their home with paint they shouldn’t have had access to. If that wasn’t bad enough, they were absolutely covered in the stuff!

So when it came time to start asking questions, the father did so on camera.


When Cris had the messy children cornered in a shower, he first asked them, “Who’s idea was this?”

No response.

The question was repeated, and this time Ryder threw his little brother under the bus.

“He build stairs, Daddy,” Ryder said, describing how his younger brother got to the paint in the first place.

“What should we do?” Cris asked, curious to see if they would accept a punishment.

“Do you think you guys should have timeouts?” They shook their heads no.

“Do you think I should not give you guys anymore juice?” They shook their heads no.

At this point, Ryder even turned to his little brother and shook his head no, signaling to him, “Follow my lead. I got this.”


These children, with paint all over their face, hair, clothes, and presumably the basement, thought they could just walk away from this ordeal without any repercussions.

They were ready to say anything in order to not get their juice privileges taken away.

Cris couldn’t help himself from laughing at this.


“What is funny?” Ryder asked. Ryder knew this was a serious dilemma, and yet Cris was perplexed by his children’s reaction to their conversation.

Sawyer knew they were guilty and even agreed at one point to a time out, but upon seeing his brother shake his head at the idea, he changed his mind and shook his head along with him. You can’t deny their effort.

After more negotiating, it was settled: no juice for the night, and a possible time out. Seems like a slap on the wrist compared to what they did, but them making Cris laugh probably softened him up.

The funny thing is that Alecia, their mother and Cris’s wife, said the video was only posted on YouTube to make it easier to share with their extended family.

“We will often post on YouTube as a means of easier access to them,” she told Buzzfeed. A video initially intended to just be for their family has made millions laugh out loud.

Given that this video was taken years ago, hopefully the children have learnt from this experience, and that Cris and Alecia have found a better hiding spot for their paint.

Watch the full video here: