After being in jail for 3 years, man is sent to prison for life. The correctons staff then got a card from his mother

August 24, 2017 4:17 pm Last Updated: November 5, 2017 12:23 pm


Three years ago, the officers at the Sarasota County Sherrif’s Office arrested a man and put him in jail. Meanwhile, his children and his mother—the kids’ grandmother—would often visit him, talk with him, spend time together, and even color together.

Then recently, the man was convicted for homicide and sent to a state prison for life.

Afterwards, the corrections staff at the local jail got a card from this woman.


“Dear Officers & Jail Staff, I wanted you to know from me how grateful I am to have had your support!” she began her letter. It was written on a card that read, “God bless you with the same peace, hope, and love that you bring to the lives of others.”

She wrote that although her son had been in jail for three years, they always treated her and her family with “the sincerest respect.” The jail fed her son and kept him well, and they let him see her and the grandchildren. For that, she was grateful.

“I know it’s not often people say thanks but I wanted you to know,” she wrote.

“I’m thankful for every good morning, coloring sheet, crayon, toy badge and smile [given to my grandchildren during their visits].”

The way the staff had treated her made all the difference.

“I’m so thankful for being respected and put at ease,” she wrote. “I pray God blesses each one of you and your family and I’ll keep you in my prayers.”

The Sherrif’s Office shared the card on Twitter, without names, so as to keep the family’s privacy.