After a rough day, they’re out at dinner. But what happened at restaurant, turned it all around

January 5, 2018 6:01 pm Last Updated: January 5, 2018 6:01 pm

Jen Goodland-Wyatt’s young son Oscar was not having a very good day. He is an autistic child born with heart problems, and Goodland-Wyatt had just taken him to visit a cardiologist for one of his regular visits where he received some disappointing news. Due to recent issues with his heart, he was told he was unable to participate in karate lessons.

The news was a devastating blow to Oscar’s morale.

Distraught and not feeling in a particularly happy mood, Goodland-Wyatt decided to take Oscar to a local TGI Fridays restaurant for lunch, hoping the experience may help cheer the boy up.

She never expected what was going to happen in the restaurant.

Oscar has a love for everything Star Wars and superheroes and even calls himself a “Star Wars-loving superhero.”

Upon entering the TGI Fridays, Oscar spotted a Star Wars themed table that he requested to sit by. Not one to turn such a request down, Goodland-Wyatt happily obliged and they took their seats, but not before she explained to the staff members of the restaurant about the unfortunate news her son had recently received.

The staff decided they wanted to do something to help Oscar cheer up.

(BBC Coventry & Warwickshire/Facebook)

When their waitress came to their table, she delivered their menus addressing Oscar in a very special way.

“I understand you’re a superhero — here’s your menu,” she said.

Charmed by the gesture, Goodland-Wyatt didn’t expect that there were more surprises yet to come.

Further into their meal, a different staffer approached their table with a gift in hand: two balloon models that had been specially made for Oscar.

Oscar was treated like a superhero all night.

The staffer declared that he could pick a dessert of his choice, which Oscar accepted. He ended up picking a chocolate brownie, and he chowed down on it happily.

Goodland-Wyatt was happy the staffers had been so kind, but was confused as to why they had done it. When the mother approached them and shared her thoughts and concerns, the staffer gave a simple answer.

“Because he’s a superhero.”

The kicker to the meal came when the check arrived. Looking down at it, something quickly caught Goodland-Wyatt’s eye and had her smiling.

The staff had given Oscar the desert for free and called it the SUPERHERO discount.

(BBC Coventry & Warwickshire/Facebook)

While Oscar may have came into the restaurant in a sour and sad mood, thanks to the staff members he was able to enjoy a respite from his troubles and have a fun, enjoyable meal with his mother.

Goodland-Wyatt said that the incident taught her that there are truly good and kind people in the world willing to go out of their way to help a sad child. 

“It just goes to show that anyone can be anything they want,” she explained.