After chatting with cop, homeless man asked to go to police station—he leaves unrecognizable

November 2, 2017 7:29 pm Last Updated: January 22, 2018 3:29 pm

It was Bobby’s lucky day.

Homeless, and down on his luck, Bobby was wandering downtown Rome, New York in April when he ran into local police officer Aaron Page. Though Bobby was clearly attempting to pay attention to his appearance, Page could tell he hadn’t had a haircut or shaved in months and months.

(Facebook / City of Rome, NY Police Department)

According to Page, they had a nice conversation, in which Bobby said that “he would love a haircut and a warm shower.”

So, Officer Page obliged.

Bobby was invited to the City of Rome precinct the next day, where he met with Page and other members of the police department. There, he was given a place to take a hot shower.

Afterwards, he was also given clean clothes and shoes to wear. Then he got what was certainly a long-awaited haircut and shave.

(Facebook / City of Rome, NY Police Department)

Instead of taking him to a barber shop, the police decided to cut his hair, right then and there.

The department had stated how “. . .due to the time of day, condition of his hair and we each have experience cutting hair it was just more feasible for us to do it.”

Now, Bobby looks like a new man with a new lease on life!

(Facebook / City of Rome, NY Police Department)

Bobby was even given a duffle bag with more clean, donated clothes.

(Facebook / City of Rome, NY Police Department)

The police department wrote about in a post on their Facebook page, and thousands of people have liked and shared it. The majority of comments praised the police department for their selfless act.

Based on how it went viral, a small good deed can go a very long way, especially for someone who needed it as much as Bobby did.

Watch the video below: