After a fire burned down their house, they stopped looking for their cat, but the dog didn’t give up

July 26, 2017 3:54 pm Last Updated: July 26, 2017 3:54 pm

Chloe the dog and Ringer the cat were best friends. The two were typically shy, but together—they were inseparable. Then one time, when tragedy hit their home, it was their bond that helped keep Ringer alive.

Christine Marr had three pets: her dog, Chloe, and her cats, Smoke and Ringer. Earlier this year, tragedy struck their happy home when it caught fire. Marr herself had been at work during the incident, but her three pets were trapped inside.

A tragic fire struck a happy home…

Receiving a call from local firefighters, they explained that they had found Chloe lying on the floor in the bathroom, a habit she does whenever she gets scared or nervous. Having to use a human oxygen mask to revive her, the firefighters rushed Chloe to the vet as soon as they could.

“She almost didn’t make it. They said she was pretty much gone until they got to her with the oxygen mask,” Marr said.

Despite what Chloe went through, it would appear that she was the lucky one. Firefighters then found Smoke, but she unfortunately did not survive the incident. Ringer, meanwhile, was nowhere to be found, and so the firefighters believed that he had died as well.

They tried to keep hope but it seemed like Ringer was gone…

In the weeks that followed, Marr returned to the burned home every day to feed local barn cats that lived on the property. All the while, she would try to call for Ringer to no avail.

“I called and called and called. I just didn’t believe he had perished in the fire,” Marr said.

Eventually, as two months passed, it seemed fair to believe the worst had happened. This was especially hard on Chloe, who was best friends with Ringer. While shy around others, the two loved to play with each other.

Then, there was a ‘Mother’s Day’ miracle!

On Mother’s Day, Marr’s husband took the dog back to the home, as he had been restoring and repairing it since the fire. As the area was now clean enough, they decided to take Chloe with them.

Chloe started sniffing the floor, which was normal behavior for her, but then she started licking and scratching it as they reached the dining room. Finding a gap in the wall, she immediately stuck her head in it. When Marr and her husband tried to move her, she routinely placed her head back in the hole. Deciding it was time to investigate, they finally found their miracle:Ringer! He was alive!

At first, Marr and her husband were not sure the cat they found was Ringer or one of the barn cats, due to him losing weight and becoming dirtier since the fire, but they realized it was their lost pet thanks to a distinctive marking on his tail.

The best friends were reunited at last!

Chloe was the most ecstatic of them all to see her friend back! Immediately taking Ringer to the vet, the reunited pair got to share a car ride together.

“She was jumping up and down in the backseat, so excited, trying to jump up front to get to Ringer,” Marr said.

Fortunately, once there, the vet assured that Ringer was going to make it.

“He said, ‘This cat is a miracle. This cat is going to live,’” Marr said.

After everything they went through, Marr says that Chloe has become all the more protective of her once-lost friend and wants to spend as much time with him as possible.