Adorable argument with toddler shows reverse psychology in its purest form

May 7, 2017 8:48 pm Last Updated: May 7, 2017 8:48 pm

Hugo Bravo wanted to take his young son for a walk, and the toddler happened to be going through his “No!” phase.

His son wants to take the car, but Bravo says they are going to walk. The toddler yells “no!” while the dad says “yes!” and on it goes, until Dad says “No!” to walking and his son does a complete-180, saying yes to the walk agreeably and following along seconds later.

In a blog post, Bravo shared that he posted the video online, it went viral. So he decided to use the proceeds he got from Google Adsense to build a treehouse for his children.

It took a year and a half, but slowly and with patience, they finished the treehouse: