Two families sent adopted boy back — then case worker knew she had to drop his case

September 12, 2017 10:21 am Last Updated: October 20, 2017 6:38 pm


Taylor grew up in a neglectful household with two sisters and drug-abusing parents. As a young child, the three siblings entered foster care.

After their touching story was featured on a local news segment, all three were soon adopted together by a family wanting children.

But then, they gave the little boy, Taylor, back.

The family said the child had anger issues, and they did not know what to do with him. So Taylor was separated from his sisters, and he re-entered the foster care system.

Case worker Connie Going took on his case and eventually found him another family. But not long after they took Taylor in, they sent him back yet again. They gave the same reason—anger issues.

“When you feel you’re not lovable and you’re up against someone loving you, that’s a pretty scary thing,” Going said.

Going has helped match over 1,000 children in the Tampa Bay, Florida area to adoptive families. However, after Taylor was rejected a second time, she could not bring herself to find him another home.

“All I could think about was how he was feeling and how he was blaming himself, again,” Going told CBS. There was no way she could subject him to that again at such a young age.

She felt so bad for Taylor when his second family rejected him that she felt a physical ache deep in her stomach.

The next day, she made arrangements to drop him as a client.

But Going has always strongly believed that, “Every child is adoptable.”

“There’s a family for every child.”

So she made arrangements to adopt him herself.

Going had looked all over for a family for him, and she finally realized, “that was me.”

That didn’t mean that Taylor’s anger issues magically went away.

Growing up in a troubled household, he had been dealing with this from an early age.

“It was always somewhat my fault, but I didn’t realize that, you know, when I was growing up,” Taylor said.

He had been in and out of about a dozen foster homes, and he was still distrustful and scared.

“I was just so mad because I thought that they weren’t going to keep me,” Taylor told CBS’s Steve Hartman in an interview. “I was just trying to test them.”

Weeks into living with Going, Taylor told her he was running away from home.

“I’m leaving, I hate this,” he told her.

But Going just looked at him and said, “I’m not sending you away Taylor.”

He dropped his backpack and went back inside.

“I’m like, yeah, this is where I belong,” Taylor said. “She knows my worst side, and she still cares about me and still loves me.”

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