Customers offer to pay for soldiers’ lunch, then a man drops $50 on their table—the acts of kindness don’t stop there

November 8, 2017 3:32 pm Last Updated: November 9, 2017 9:10 am

This story proves just how quickly a small act of kindness can spread like wildfire.

Paul’s Family Restaurant in Elgin, Illinois, recently shared a photo on their Facebook page of several servicemen who had stopped into the restaurant for a bite to eat.

The generosity at Paul’s Family Restaurant was plentiful on one particular day.

(Facebook/Paul’s Family Restaurant)

According to the post after the four soldiers walked into the restaurant a family of six walked in and expressed interest in paying for the men’s bill.

Then a few moments later a woman walked into the restaurant to pick up an order, saw the men, and without knowing about the other family’s act of kindness, said she wanted to pay for the soldiers’ food. Her son had reportedly just started boot camp and she missed him, and felt like buying this group of men lunch would be the kind thing to do.

One act of kindness led to another, which led to another.

(Facebook/Paul’s Family Restaurant)

Since the servicemen hadn’t ordered their food yet, the two parties were advised to leave $20 and the restaurant would pay for the rest.

The restaurant wrote on their Facebook that two more groups then offered to pay for the men’s bill.

Customers continued to spread the love at the restaurant.

And just when you thought the generosity had run out, another man saw the men on his way out of the restaurant and left $50 on their table to pay for their next meal.

While the men surely appreciated it, they thought someone else might benefit from it. They left the $50 as a tip for their waitress.

Paul’s Family Restaurant was amazed at everyone’s willingness to show kindness towards one another.

“It was a wonderful moment all around,” they wrote on Facebook. “We’re just a small moderately priced family diner so a $50 tip for a table of four was an exceptional tip. And the server is the mother of a service member so the whole thing was sweet in about a dozen different ways.”