A year after he passed away, woman receives flowers from her deceased husband

July 26, 2017 11:32 am Last Updated: July 26, 2017 11:32 am

Eight months after Shelly Golay’s husband passed away, she received a lovely arrangement of flowers.

She took a closer look, and found a card. It was Valentine’s Day, and she assumed it was sent by one of her children. Her co-worker said it must be from her late husband, Jim, which was surprising. But she read the card, and it indeed said:

“Happy Valentine’s Day Honey. Stay Strong! Yours Forever Love Jim.” And on the back, there was his cell phone number.

“That was very emotional,” she told ABC News.

“I knew it was him.”

(Facebook/Shelly Golay)

Jim and Shelly had been married 28 years. They met at church, went to Disneyland for their honeymoon, and had a “fairytale romance.”

(Facebook/Shelly Golay)

“Jim was just an amazing man. Everybody that ever met him loved him. He was always just my rock. And the whole family’s rock. And he just had this unwavering faith that was just inspiring. Always had a positive attitude,” Shelly said.

And he continued to be that strength even after he was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. Even after he passed away.

In 2012, Jim was diagnosed with brain cancer. Two years later, the family learned the cancer was inoperable—Jim was given four months to live.

“They usually give you 12 months to live and he lived 26 months.”

“That was just a blessing,” she said.

(Facebook/Shelly Golay)

“He was tough as nails,” Shelley said. “When he went through his chemo, he didn’t look like a chemo patient, didn’t act like a chemo patient.”

Which is why Shelly had no problem believing the flowers were from her husband—choked up with tears and emotions, she asked her son to call the flower shop because she was too emotional to do it herself.

Sure enough, on the Valentine’s Day the year before, Jim had walked into a flower shop and said: “Just send her flowers for the rest of her life.”

Shelly said when her daughter learned of this, she “just started bawling”—it was bittersweet for the whole family.

For Shelly, the flowers meant that “his love never ends.”

“He set up such an amazing gift for me to receive that,” she said. “That act of love to me is just true love in its purest form.”