Man spotted stranger acting oddly and trying to get into neighbor’s house — then he realized he was in desperate need of help

October 20, 2017 12:46 pm Last Updated: October 20, 2017 2:01 pm

Sometimes when we’re at our lowest, life puts us in the right place at the right time. For one man in Palm Beach, Florida, that place was a stranger’s lawn.

Clint Berryhill, a resident of The Acreage community, woke up one Tuesday morning in May to find a suspicious scene in front of his home.

A man he had never seen before was acting strangely—and trying to enter his neighbor’s house, claiming it was his.

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Berryhill could’ve called the police. But as he looked at the stranger, he didn’t seem like an intruder—he just seemed lost and confused.

“He’s just walking down the street, barefoot, feet bleeding with his little puppy dog,” Berryhill told WPTV.

“He was very disoriented. It was actually heartbreaking.”

So instead, he tried to help the man out himself.

“I was like ‘Sir, can I help you? Is there something I can help you with?’ He’s like ‘Yeah, I’m lost.”

He was in bad shape—but more concerning, he was extremely disoriented and couldn’t remember any details about himself.

Berryhill knew he had to get this stranger serious help. He called paramedics, who took the man to the hospital. Berryhill agreed to take care of his dog.

The stranger was incredibly moved by his help. According to the Palm Beach Post, he asked if Berryhill was his guardian angel. He replied that he was just helping a stranger in need.

But still, he felt he could do more to help the stranger. He needed long-term care, but without any information from the man, he couldn’t track down his family.

He snapped a photo of the man and posted it to a local Facebook group, hoping someone would recognize him.


The response was far more than he ever imagined.

He was only hoping for a lead on some info about the man, but instead, he got responses from people all across the community looking to help the stranger out, offering food and supplies.

“It’s blown up ten times bigger than I thought it would,” Berryhill told WPTV.

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One woman named Beth Ratner went above and beyond. After hearing the story, she realized the man needed a place to stay, and she offered her and her fiance’s home for the man to stay rent-free.

She even cut back on their wedding budget to help him.

“He needs to get better and he needs to be given a chance,” Ratner told the Palm Beach Post.

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Berryhill was emotional by all the outpouring of support, realizing that fate had brought the stranger to him. He hoped he could see the man again.

“If I can, I’m gonna see him and give him a big hug,” he told WPTV. “Tell him I love him, because I was the right person that he ran in to.”

In addition to all the community support, Berryhill was able to find the man’s niece, Lisa Flagg—who explained the man’s tragic story.

His name was Dave Stewart, and he was fighting stage 4 throat cancer.

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Stewart had been receiving intense chemotherapy treatments, which caused his strange behavior when Berryhill found him that fateful morning.

But he’s been fighting it alone. His niece lives in New Jersey, and Stewart has no family in the area—and fending for himself has clearly taken its toll.

“He thinks he can still do this by himself, and it’s obvious that he can’t,” Flagg told WPTV.

So his niece was incredibly relieved and moved to hear the community was rallying to help him out.

“It’s amazing what these people are doing,” she told the Palm Beach Post.

“I’ve never in my life seen anything like it.”

The support kept coming in. People contributed nearly $6,000 to Stewart’s fundraising page. The organization Relay for Life arranged free hotel accommodations for Stewart’s family in New Jersey to come visit him.

And best of all, the neighborhood threw a fundraiser for Stewart at a local pizza place—where Stewart finally had the chance to thank them all in person.

“I didn’t know what to think. I’ve never seen anything like this,” he told WPTV about the fundraiser.

He was reunited with Berryhill, who, in an emotional moment, finally got that hug he wanted.

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Stewart happily greeted all the attendees, thanking them for their help.

Raising money through raffle tickets and games of bunco, the neighbors were able to raise $3,000 for Stewart’s cancer treatments.

They even surprised him with a cake for his birthday.

His niece, who was able to make it down south for the fundraiser, was moved to tears.

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“The man above … he got him lost so he could be found,” she told WPTV.

And Stewart, whose condition has improved but still faces a long battle with cancer, will go forward with renewed spirits—knowing that his neighbors will always have his back.

“Now I have all these people behind me, and it feels great,” he told WPTV.

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