A Last-Minute Gift for Olive Oil Lovers

December 24, 2016 2:00 am Last Updated: December 24, 2016 2:00 am

Because the freshness of olive oil is so crucial, Grove and Vine’s oleologist Nicholas Coleman obsessively chases the latest harvest, alternating between the northern and southern hemispheres. For this most recent harvest, he headed to the Algarve region of Portugal to choose olives for his custom blend.

His latest olive oil comes from the fall harvest at Monterosa, which hand-harvests olives before others in the region. Though Monterosa grows several olive cultivars, Coleman selected the picual for “its soft undertones of sweet almond, viscous buttery texture, balanced bitterness, and elongated peppery finish.”

Detlev von Rosen, the founder of Monterosa, has produced olive oils that garnered international awards, but never made a profit on the business. He said to Coleman on their last night together, “When planting an olive grove, move not with haste … for the decision will not only affect your children, but your grandchildren and future generations.” Von Rosen passed away just days after, at age 80. This olive oil is a tribute to him.

Annual membership is $180; members get four different custom-blended 375 ml bottles of premium olive oil throughout the year. GroveAndVine.com