A German WWII ‘TIME CAPSULE’ unearthed by archeologists—what’s inside is just incredible!

October 29, 2017 3:28 pm Last Updated: October 29, 2017 3:28 pm

Archaeologists in Russia recently discovered a locked box, which had been buried deep inside the ground decades ago, possibly by a soldier from the World War II era. From the contents of memorabilia, many questions and speculations emerged concerning what this man was trying to hide.

The discovery was made in the rural Nevsky Pyatachok region of Russia. The box was hidden in a very deep hole.

On the side of the box, there was an illegible inscription.

Upon opening it, they were amazed to find that the contents may have belonged to a soldier from the World War II era, who may have stowed away the box … but for what reason?

One by one, the items told a fascinating story. The contents were extremely well preserved. It was as though the finders traveled seventy years back in time!

Items included a German Reichsmark—which was a form of currency used between 1924 and 1948—and a card that identified a member of the Nazi party, an indication that the box may have belonged to a soldier on the German side.

They found shoes, papers, and even scraps of newspaper. The newspaper clippings were still crisp and well preserved.

As they made their way through the box, another amazing discovery was stumbled upon: a full box of Ritmester cigars still wrapped … as good as new!

A second box containing Karel 1 cigars subsequently revealed itself. Was the soldier planning to come back one day and smoke them?

Two bottles of unopened Jamaican rum were also uncovered. Did the soldier plan to come back one day and exhume his hidden stash from deep under the earth?

The archaeologists also uncovered a slightly frayed German soldier’s cap, with insignia, as well as an immaculately preserved Nazi jacket (or tunic) made from the finest material. It may have never been used or it may just have been washed before it was stashed into the box.

But archaeologists and historians were most fascinated by the metal identification tag, which could reveal the identity of the owner who lived some 70 years ago—unfortunately, the name on the tag was vague and not in full.

What do you think, was he waiting to come back after the war had ended to recover his memorabilia, or was this meant for us to find as some form of time capsule? Share your thoughts!

Photos credit: Imgur.