Father and daughter couldn’t find each other for 30 years—then daughter finds a website about herself, is brought to tears

August 29, 2017 4:53 pm Last Updated: December 22, 2017 3:21 pm

When two people decide to break up their marriage they often have to go through a lot of emotional turmoil as they fight for assets, the love of friends, and of course, the custody of children. But things were particularly difficult for Dr. Scott Becker 30 years ago when he and his wife decided to get a divorce.

Scott had to see his infant daughter torn from his life because his wife decided to flee with the child, and for the next 30 years, he could only wonder how his daughter was growing up without him.

Scott, however, never gave up hope of finding his daughter even after decades had passed. He kept thinking of new inventive ways for them to be united, and eventually, his efforts paid off.

For years after his marriage fell apart, Scott kept trying in vain to get hold of his daughter so the two could have even a simple father–daughter conversation. He spent thousands of dollars on private investigators and the like but none of them could help him find his April.

After 20 years of searching relentlessly for the girl and not finding her, Scott decided to harness the power of the internet to help him in the hunt. He set up a website called aprilbecker.com which he hoped his daughter, or anyone connected to her, would find by some miracle.

And the miracle he was hoping for did happen. It turned out that his daughter April was also desperately trying to find him all through those years. One afternoon, although she didn’t have much hope of it turning into anything, she decided to do a Google search for “Scott Robert Becker looking for April.” It seems like fate also wanted for the two to reunite, as the first result she found was the website that her father had set up, aprilbecker.com.

On the website, April found a letter that her dad had written to her despite having flimsy hope that she would ever read it. She could see from the very first words in the letter that her dad desperately wanted to see and talk to her.

April says the letter floored her. “I must have cried for three hours straight,” she confessed on the Today Show.

Still consumed with the joy of having solved a mystery that started when was merely two months old, April rushed to contact her father with the email address that he had left especially for her in his letter so the two could catch up on lost time.

At first, Scott was a little reluctant to email her back. Ever since putting up the website, Scott had received emails from several imposters pretending to be his daughter. Luckily, he knew just how to test April to see if she really was his daughter. The test he went for was asking her, “What’s your mother’s maiden name and are you green?”

April, being the real daughter, passed the test easily.

She gave the correct maiden name for her mother and said, “Of course, I’m green. My birthday is St. Patrick’s Day.” She knew exactly what he was talking about and Scott knew that he had found his baby.

Scott says there are no words that could describe the overwhelming emotions that he felt when finally saw his daughter again. For April on the other hand, that feeling was peace. She says she was finally at peace because a huge void in her life was filled and the greatest mystery of her existence could finally be put to rest.

The emotional April said, “Thirty years have passed. He missed everything,” as she recounted all the moments she wished her father was by her side. “He missed high school. He missed junior high. He missed me being active in drama and theater. He missed my kids being born.”

Scott, realizing he had missed the time he became a grandfather, did not miss a second in his mission to catch up on lost time. He also quickly realized that his ex-wife had told his daughter little to nothing about him.

“My mom is an excellent woman. She did a good job. But every child deserves to know their mother and their father,” April said.

She also mentioned that she’s a big advocate for children’s rights just by virtue of everything she went through in her childhood. She wants her story to give hope to anyone who may be going through a situation similar to hers. She also wants parents who have children that are going through a breakup to think twice about cutting one partner out of the children’s life “because it is simply not okay.”

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