A diver captured his face-to-face meeting with a shark on camera — what the shark did left everyone stunned

November 29, 2017 11:31 am Last Updated: December 4, 2017 12:32 pm

It sounds like a terrifying situation: A diver in open waters is suddenly face-to-face with a blue shark. Anyone who’s heard any kind of shark horror stories can tell you that’s bad news.

Due to the fact that people are endlessly fascinated with, and afraid of, these undersea beasts, it’s not surprising that when the diver caught his close call with a shark on camera, the footage went viral.

But it’s not quite for the reason you’d expect.

Stefano Ulivi is a professional diver from Florence, Italy.

Recently Ulivi was guiding a group of divers around the waters of Portugal’s Pico Island, and everything was going swimmingly.

(Caters TV/Screenshot)

But then, they were suddenly joined by an unexpected guest on the tour.

(Caters TV/Screenshot)

It was a blue shark, which is uncommon for those waters. But despite the unexpected arrival—and the size of the shark—Ulivi was more excited than anything. He told Caters TV that he “wasn’t scared” and found it “exhilarating.”

No word on if his fellow divers shared his enthusiasm at the sight of such a shark. Blue sharks have been known to attack people on occasion.

(Caters TV/Screenshot)

But not only did Ulivi keep his cool, he let the shark come right up to him.

(Caters TV/Screenshot)

It turns out, the diver was right to not be nervous. This shark wasn’t out for a bite, just looking to get an up-close view of these mysterious visitors.

But it’s what the shark did next that has everyone talking:

(Caters TV/Screenshot)

After realizing the diver was friendly, the shark seemingly gives him a little kiss before running off.

Ulivi was seemingly left a bit dazed by that bit of love, and just waved to his new friend as it swam away.

(Caters TV/Screenshot)

So remember that not all sharks are cold killing machines ready to devour you. Deep down, they may just be romantics at heart—with several rows of very sharp teeth!

Watch the video below: