A brilliant way to stop car door rattles from speakers

May 20, 2017 6:18 pm Last Updated: May 20, 2017 6:18 pm

Neato, you just bought a dual subwoofer kit from your local car shop and a monster 2000-watt amp. Now every time you listen to any music, the car feels like its going to vibrate into little pieces. This is all due to the plastic panels and metal resonating every time the bass drops. I found a way to remove up to 90% of the noise, and make your music sound better.

  1. Turn on your system about 200% volume. Working mid-day or in a parking lot greatly reduces people getting angry at you for loud music.
  2. You can purchase brown bread and line the subwoofer enclosure. This can be very expensive. At home depot, there is a cheap insulator called peel and seal. This stuff works wonders for those on a budget.
  3. Remove your rear plate and cover the back with some as well. This will stop the plate from rattling up against your bumper.
  4. Tightening any screws for your rear bumper, rear trunk lid, interior panels, plates, tail lights, etc will remove a lot of vibration, especially on older cars. In about 20 minutes of tightening screws I cut down the vibrations on a friends corolla by about 30%.
  5. Moving from outside to inside, make sure your backseat doesn’t have cups, metal containers, or any other loose materials. All things vibrate when in the presence of subwoofers. More things vibrating = more noise = less sound quality and bass.
  6. If you have loose change, consider getting a coin holder with slots for quarters, dimes, nickels. This way the loose change doesn’t rattle the whole time.