Rookie 911 dispatcher calmly helps to deliver baby over the phone, gets to meet him three weeks later

June 13, 2017 7:44 pm Last Updated: June 13, 2017 7:44 pm


Katie Farber, 25, was working her seventh shift of her new job as a 911 dispatcher and was only 15 minutes into her day when a call came through from a frantic father looking for help. His wife had gone into labor while they were at home and they didn’t have time to get to the hospital.

So, Farber did exactly what she was trained to do and coached him through the delivery of his baby boy.


Farber says that it wasn’t too soon into the call that the father, Supreme Dow, told her he could see the head. Farber was amazed and surprised, but carried on, giving clear directions to Dow.

“…tell her to push with each contraction with a deep breath in between and have her push hard.”


Throughout the call the rookie dispatcher kept reassuring Dow that he was doing what he was supposed to and told him to assure his wife that she was doing great. At one point you can hear him excitedly telling his wife that she is a queen. Shortly after Dow called for help, his baby boy, Supreme Dow Jr., was born. Two minutes after he entered the world paramedics arrived.


“She spoke with conviction, with authority,” Dow said about Farber’s calm, cool, and collected tone while she directed him on how to deliver his son. “But more importantly she sounded like she knew what she was doing. Like she had been through this a million times.”


It was because of the way she handled the situation that the Dows paid a visit to Farber at the 911 dispatch center so she could meet Supreme Dow Jr.

(H/T: Good News Network)