9-year-old wants to be adopted ‘really, really badly’—so he starts a lemonade stand

December 18, 2017 11:35 am Last Updated: December 18, 2017 11:35 am

When someone wants something badly enough, they’ll take the situation into their own hands. Even if they are 9 years old.

Adoption is never an easy process, in fact it can be more difficult than not. But Tristan Jacobson of Springfield, Missouri, wanted to make it easier for himself.

Tristan hasn’t had the easiest life growing up, but he always had one constant: his biological father’s ex-wife, Donnie Davis.

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The two had an inseparable bond throughout his childhood. As Tristan’s mother had a difficult life and couldn’t care for Tristan, and his biological father was in prison, Donnie wanted to take charge.

Donnie became his legal guardian when he was 5 years old, but she had cared for him for a time when he was a baby too.

They wanted to make Tristan an official part of the family, but adopting him was not so easy. The problem was that the legal fees for adopting Tristan were close to $10,000, which was well out of Donnie and her husband’s range at the time.

But the family decided to do everything they could so that Tristan could finally get his wish.

“He wants the adoption really, really badly,” Donnie told ABC News.

In the spring of 2016, they started thinking of ways to raise funds for the adoption.

Tristan made his own lemonade stand, and Donnie had a yard sale the same day, with both serving the purpose of raising money for his adoption.

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Of course, the lemonade was only a dollar, but people were welcome to donate to Tristan’s cause using a Minion tip jar the child set up.

Both attempts to raise money had more support than anyone could’ve anticipated. The yard sale and lemonade made more than $7,000, as people from all over were hearing about his story and coming to support him, according to the Springfield News-Leader. Donnie even said that people were driving well over two hours just to see Tristan.

It’s safe to say that they reached their goal in no time.

His YouCaring page has reached more than $24,000, well above his initial goal of $5,000!

The last update in February 2017 had Donnie going to court to get the adoption approved, so she is making progress. But this wouldn’t have been possible had it been not for the kindness of strangers, and Tristan’s effort to show how much he cares for his family.