9-year-old Philippine boy starts an animal shelter to take care of stray dogs

April 22, 2017 10:43 am Last Updated: April 22, 2017 10:43 am

While many of us love watching heart-warming “animal rescue” stories, actually saving an animal may not be as easy as it looks. With so many unfortunate animals out there, we may ask ourselves, “what would I do if I saw a creature in distress?” 

This is an inspiring story about a young boy named Ken Amante from the Philippines, who was not scared or disgusted by the sight of mangy-looking, stray dogs. Instead, he saw an opportunity to help those unfortunate animals. As he began to help them more often, Ken’s parents became curious about where their little child was going everyday.

He used to fill up his backpack with food before taking off. One day his father decided to follow him to see what his son was up to. To his astonishment, he discovered his son was feeding stray dogs.

Ken Amante filled up his backpack each day, and went out to feed the stray dogs on the street.

Some of the dogs were just skin and bones. Ken named two young puppies Brownie and Whitey. One bigger dog, he named Blackie, who he assumed was their mother. The three animals were covered in gaping sores and had mange, a disease dogs get when all their hair falls out.

The dogs accepted all of the food Ken brought them, though they kept at a distance at first. Their health gradually improved.

Ken’s kind actions soon got more attention, and people started reaching out to help. Donations from all over the world began to pour in. Although Ken is only nine, his dream to open a non-profit, no-kill, animal shelter was fulfilled. He founded the ‘The Happy Animals Club’, the first shelter of its kind in the Philippines.

The trio Ken had nursed back to health were the very first ones he took in. Whitey, Brownie, and Blackie were given medical attention, and a safe home. Their sores soon healed, and their fur grew back. Now Ken and his dogs seem quite satisfied with the new situation.

Ken’s dad took photos of his kindhearted son and posted them on Imgur. They quickly went viral.

The shelter was founded by Ken Amante on the 31st of March 2014, It’s the only no-kill animal shelter in the Davao region. The family had managed to rent a plot of 10,000 square feet and secure it all round. Ken insisted on stocking only imported dog and cat food. Cats too were welcomed, as well as other animals who were in need of care.

Credits: Happy Animals Club

The Happy Animals Club is now up and running.

Before and after photos to demonstrate how a little love and care can make all the difference.

His father first doubted that a nine-year-old could raise money for such a shelter. Ken felt the same way too until donations started coming in. Even though volunteers are still needed to help run the shelter, Ken and his family are still hopeful. As the number of animals increases, more volunteers and donations would be required.

Ken is living proof that caring sometimes pays off, and sometime it is good to let one’s heart lead the way.

Ken had never imagined in his wildest of dreams that his simple act of kindness would take off as it did.

Ken never thought he would achieve his dream at the age of nine.
Ken and Whitey puppy. Credits: Happy Animals Club