Boy points to picture of baseball legend and says ‘that’s me’. Then things started getting spooky

August 9, 2017 8:07 pm Last Updated: September 30, 2017 1:51 pm

Christian Haupt is not your average little league baseball player. Some have likened the 8-year-old boy’s incredible early skills to that of the famous Lou Gehrig. But the reason for the comparison may be hard to believe.

At the age of 3, Christian shocked his mom with stories of who he used to be.

Christian explained to his mom, Cathy Byrd, about how he used to be ‘a tall baseball player’ who had a feud with Babe Ruth. Really? Really. It came out of the blue, no prompting or anything of the sort was given.

Christian’s mom found out he was talking about Lou Gehrig.

Lou Gehrig is a legend in the world of baseball and beyond, and there are certainly millions of people in the world who would know information about him, from some of the most trivial facts to historical records, quotes, and stats.

A 3-year-old may also have conceivably learned a few things, but Christian’s knowledge crossed that line and then some.

He told his mom that Babe Ruth was mean to him.

Byrd described how her son first let in on his knowledge of a past life.

“He saw a big picture of Babe Ruth on the wall and got visibly upset,” she explained. “And then said, ‘Mommy, he was mean to me!'” Huh?

“That’s me.”

Gehrig and Ruth were both on the Yankees 1927 team, which has been widely heralded as the best baseball team ever to play the game.

Christian’s mom then pulled out a book with a team picture that included both legends and asked her son, “Do you see anyone in this picture who doesn’t like Babe Ruth?” Christian pointed to Gehrig, and said, “That’s me.”

Christian’s mom even wrote a book.

One might easily dismiss the boy’s gesture as mere coincidence. But there was more. In an article published in March 2017 by Sports Illustrated (SI), Christian’s mom was quoted from her book, The Boy Who Knew Too Much: An Astounding True Story Of A Young Boy’s Past Life Memories.

Byrd explained that she had to grapple with many questions regarding what she was hearing from her son. For instance, “Is that a toddler just talking nonsense as he experiments with language, or did he really mean to say ‘I won the MVP award in 1926?'”

A similar swing: coincidence or a sign?

There are other possible clues:

  • Both Gehrig and Christian are lefties
  • Christian told his mom about how he traveled to hotels by train and remembered a falling-out between Ruth and Gehrig.
  • Both have been considered baseball prodigies.
  • Christian is a Dodgers fan, which Sports Illustrated speculated was, “probably because he loved beating the Giants so much in his past life.”
  • Their swings are nearly identical.

SI also wrote that, “If what his mother says is correct, we can expect Christian’s first 40-homer season to come in 16 years.” We’ll see!

Next stop: Hollywood?

Christian’s mom truly believes what her son told her. After all, she wrote a book on the entire experience.

However, she says Christian himself now no longer has memories of his past life. Regardless, a movie deal may be in the works—stay tuned!