79-year-old grandma graduated grade 10, inspiring others to finish school no matter what!

April 26, 2017 10:27 am Last Updated: April 26, 2017 10:27 am

This 79-year-old senior from the Philippines just graduated from grade 10, and wants to inspire everyone to finish their education no matter how old they are.

Poverty can be a serious hindrance to education anywhere around the world. Sometimes, children have no chance to begin their education; while there are those who’s studies are cut short. Lola Salvacion wants to inspire people to finish their educations no matter how late it may be in life.

Lola, 79, just graduated along with her classmates from Bonifacio High School, West Rembo, Philippines.

While others her age are retired, or spending quiet days relaxing at home, Lola studies with kids 3 generations her junior. Her story recently went viral on social media, and many netizens were impressed by her determination to complete her education. Her fellow students also said they would miss their senior classmate.


Many netizens were impressed with her determination to complete her education. We also wish to congratulate Lola on her graduation.

Knowledge is truly the gateway leading to a better world. Not only does it provide a better life for a person himself; it also fosters a greater understanding of the world at large—it spreads light, and harmony to the people around us.