78-year-old-man comes back from the dead on the embalming table

July 6, 2017 5:23 pm Last Updated: January 5, 2018 5:55 pm

Walter Williams from Lexington, Mississippi was 78 years old and had lived a long and fulfilling life. Friends and family members were just starting to hear about his passing, when they heard some rather shocking new information.

Williams appeared to pass away on a Wednesday evening in late February, 2014. At the hospital, where Williams had been staying due to an illness, the hospice nurse made a phone call to the Holmes County Coroner as was their protocol.


Dexter Howard, the County Coroner, made his way to the hospital to confirm that Williams had no pulse and was indeed dead.

Williams was placed in a body bag that was zipped up, and he was brought to the Porter and Sons Funeral Home. One he arrived, his body was placed on a table in preparation for the embalming process. That’s when a remarkable and stunning event occurred.


“Once we got to the funeral home and got him on the table, he began to move and his legs began to kick and he began to take long, deep breaths,” Howard explained later in an interview with WAPT-TV News.

Family members were notified as Williams was rushed back to the hospital. Everyone involved was in complete shock, especially Williams himself!


Williams’ nephew, Eddie Hester, who took a phone call from the Coroner’s Office, reacted as most of us would. “I said ‘What do you mean?'” Hester told WAPT-TV, clearly aghast at what he was hearing.

Howard, who had been deputy coroner and now coroner for more than ten years, said he had never in his life had anything like this happen, and he had no explanation. All he said was, “I would say it’s a miracle from God. It’s beyond me. I don’t know. It’s beyond me.”


Howard has gone over and over again in his head what happened that evening, tracing step by step everything he had done. Nothing was out of the ordinary, and every policy and procedure was followed.

“All family members were there, present,” he recalled. “I checked him, the hospice nurse checked him.” And he further explained that even another registered nurse, who happened to be a family member to Williams who was present, checked the body as well.

Unfortunately, after being released from the hospital a few days after this incident, Walter Williams passed away of natural causes. Yet a miracle is still a miracle, and two extra weeks of life is something many have wished for but never received.

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