5 easy-to-follow steps to get your way by throwing a baby elephant tantrum

August 3, 2017 9:01 am Last Updated: August 3, 2017 9:01 am

Baby elephants throw tantrums. It’s a fact known among elephant experts and serious fans of all-things-elephant. This little guy is showing you exactly how it’s done. Well, at least this is how he throws a tantrum!

Baby Elephant Tantrums – Step 1 (The Rock)

Choose a spot where you will be noticed. A roadside, along side a well-traveled elephant path, or both are ideal. Start rocking back and forth to see if anyone notices. If they do, you’re done. There’s no point in wasting time and energy by moving on to the next step. It’s hot out there!

Step 2 (The Tip)

Fall over. If you’re not getting the attention you require, you are going to have to commit. That tantrum is not going to have itself! An elephant must always account for those who may have thought you were rocking back and forth just itch your butt. You can’t help them. They need a more obvious distress signal.

Step 3 (The Demand)

It worked! They have arrived! State your demands immediately!

Step 4 (The Desperation Move)

Wait, what?! Where are you going! Hey! Did you not see me flailing on the ground? Are you ignoring my demands? Get back here! Look, look! I’m in the middle of the road! I could get hit by a passing…. (Note: This is a crucial step many inexperienced tantrum-throwing-baby-elephants make. Throwing yourself into the middle of the road may very well work, but choose one that gets more traffic than two or three jeeps per day.)

Step 5 (The Concession)

You can’t win them all! Don’t let the herd get too far in front of you. get up and catch up. remember, it’s scary out there! best to stick with your mom and strategist for your next tantrum-throwing episode.