4-year-old Brody is obsessed with police officers and celebrates with a few surprises at his birthday party

August 4, 2017 1:21 pm Last Updated: August 4, 2017 1:21 pm

There are millions of little boys and girls who have the dream of becoming a firefighter or a police officer when they grow up, and 4-year-old Brody Barnaky belongs to the latter group. So much so, in fact, he dressed up as one his heroes for Halloween last year.

Little Brody loves the police.


The theme for Brody’s 4th birthday party was, of course, all about ‘police!’

Brody’s mom, Tiffany, went all out for the party, getting him a special ‘Officer Brody’ T-shirt and a police badge birthday cake. All of Brody’s friends and family celebrated with him at the bowling alley that day, and Brody couldn’t have been happier.

Brody was ecstatic, but what came next was a surprise he never expected.

Perhaps most impressive was the Clearwater, Florida’s mom’s effort to have some real life police officers show up at Brody’s birthday party!

“He just ran up to them and jumped into the sergeant’s arms!” Tiffany told Inside Edition in an interview. “It was absolutely the cutest thing ever!”

The three generous officers came bearing a few surprises of their own as well.

Brody was given a birthday gift of an autographed American flag, signed by the officers, and they even let him sit in the front driver’s seat of one of their cruisers. This toddler was having the birthday of a lifetime, especially considering what Brody’s opinion of police was just one year ago.

Brody did not always like cops.

“A year ago, he was afraid of police officers,” Brody’s mom explained. “Every time we would see them, he would want to just curl up and not want to talk to them.”

But his parents were patient and repeatedly taught him about how our heralded officers in blue protect and serve as, in toddler-ese, of course.

What does Brody want to be when he grows up?

As you can clearly see in the accompanying video, Brody, obviously came around and learned to accept police in a big way. Not only that, but Brody wants to be a police officer when he grows up. Chalk one up for the good guys and gals in blue!