Delivery man shows up at unkept house. But when man opens door, he notices something in room behind him

October 10, 2017 2:06 pm Last Updated: October 10, 2017 6:25 pm

A driver for a pizza delivery place had worked in the business for some years after high school when he was confronted with the most touching incident he had ever experienced on duty. A single cheese pizza would evoke in him a kindness that was never known before.

The delivery guy in this story, which was shared anonymously across various sites, was used to people tipping badly or not tipping at all. He had been with the family-run company for quite a while and was well aware of who would tip and would not. Most people would give him shady excuses as to why there was no tip or why it was simply ignorantly low.

This pizza delivery man was checking his next route for his shift and could see the name of a notorious non-tipper as the very first stop. The man’s mood instantly changed as he did not make that much money himself and could really do with the extra cash.

But he was a reliable and dutiful employee, and always tried to be his kindest self, even when it was sometimes hard. He entered the yard with an order that just contained one small pizza topped with nothing but tomato sauce, herbs, and gouda cheese.

The house looked pitiful from the outside and the garden was unruly, with a few children’s toys here and there. He rang the doorbell twice and a man was peeking through the gap of the half-opened door. His face brightened as he saw that it was the delivery man, supposedly with his dinner.

To his surprise, the man showed some kindness and gave him a tip of one dollar—which was better than to be expected, as he knew many other regulars from more well-off areas who would not tip at all. And then the man apologized for not being able to give him more.

The delivery man was just about to close his delivery bag when he saw what was in the room behind this man.

He saw four small children, not older than ten, and a teen, all waiting for their meal. They looked keen to finally get some food, and that was when the delivery man realized: “All six of them are splitting this one small pizza with nothing but cheese on it among them, as their financial situation would not allow them to purchase more”.

He was heartbroken, and left with kind words and went on with his shift. After he had finished his work for the day he went back to the pizzeria, and decided it was time for a twist.

He heated up the oven of the pizzeria and put in two large pizzas with a variety of toppings, grabbed some sodas, and even some chicken tenders. He packed everything fondly into his delivery bag and decided to drive to the unkept looking house once again.

Once again he rang the doorbell two times and the father of five eagerly opened the door. He was astonished and confused at first, but then the delivery guy opened his bag and the smell of these large, freshly baked pizzas filled the pitiful looking house and the father’s eyes filled with tears as he saw the full size of the feast that was brought to him by a stranger’s kindness.

He took everything more than willingly, but suggested that he was going to show up at the pizza place the next day and pay for them.

“It looked like this grown man was going to burst into tears when I gave it to him, he was just super appreciative,” the delivery guy shared online. “He offered to come down and pay for it all another day which I flat out refused.”

The deliver guy acknowledged that this one free dinner probably didn’t do a thing to change the family’s situation, and in the grand scheme of things was not a big deal at all. But that’s just the thing—good deeds don’t cost a fortune.

“My hope is that he remembers that and maybe his kids learned that when you treat someone like a human being, good things can happen.”