300-pound son returns home to reveal his new self after 130-pound weight loss

August 16, 2017 12:45 pm Last Updated: August 16, 2017 12:45 pm


25-year-old Lucas weighed in at 300 pounds back in the year 2012. Now? Not so much. That extra weight, he admits, came as a result of lethargic habits and addictions to junk food. One day, he made a vow to himself to lose the weight and get healthy. Haven’t we all?

He was determined to get healthy.

Lucas was determined to not be a part of the large percentage of those who are unable to follow through, and he wanted to keep it a secret.

He joined an online weight loss group.

Lucas also wanted to document his journey. Not only would it help him hold himself accountable, but he wanted to reveal his success to his family. So, his personal transformation was kept in a weight loss forum on Reddit.

He kept the secret from his family.

It was no obstacle to keep his secret from his dad, Jeff, and his stepmom, Susan. Lucas would normally visit them only twice a year anyway, once in the summer and once at Christmas. He came up with an excuse why he couldn’t visit that summer, while he was well into accomplishing his goals.

He kept track of his diet.

The day-to-day habits began immediately after he returned from that trip. Lucas logged what he ate for a full year and thoroughly renovated his diet and nutritional habits. He could see it was working not long after he started.

It was working!

Once he had lost 100 pounds, he added a five-mile daily walk to work to his regiment. That, too, paid off and Lucas’ weight loss hit 130 pounds.

He headed home to see his family.

It was time to go home for his annual visit to celebrate the holidays with his family. He was proud of what he had accomplished and wanted to show off his new look to his dad and stepmom. Lucas had gone through such a physical transformation that he wondered if his parents would even recognize him.

His parents are shocked and happy for him.

As you’ll see in the video, when Lucas walks down the stairs to see his folks for the first time in his new body, you can see their absolutely stunned reaction.

Jeff told Little Things in an interview, “They were over the moon!” His parents said they could not be more proud of their son’s accomplishment. Way to go, Jeff!