3-year-old witnesses mother have a seizure and instinctively sets a rescue plan in motion

No one ever taught her how to do this, but she did exactly what she was supposed to do
July 2, 2018 11:08 am Last Updated: July 5, 2018 4:30 am

As young kids learn and grow, they do incredible things every day—including, apparently, saving lives.

When a mother was walking with her daughter and dog near their home, she had a seizure and collapsed on the sidewalk. In such a situation, its natural for anyone, adult or child, to be worried.

But not this amazing 3-year-old. Instead of crying or panicking, she kept her cool and surprised everyone with what she did next.

Jessa Lavely was with her dog and daughter, Savannah, when she collapsed.

(WXYZ Detroit/Screenshot)

On June 16, Jessa Lavely was walking with her dog and young daughter, Savannah, near their home in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

When they were a block and a half away from their house, though, Jessa felt a bit “off.”

“I have a history of seizures,” Jessa told WXYZ Detroit. 

That sense of “off-ness” was the last thing Jessa remembered before she fell to the ground and had a seizure right in front of little Savannah. 

Jessa needed a hero—thankfully, her 3-year-old daughter was there to step up.

(WXYZ Detroit/Screenshot)

With her mother out of commission, Savannah was left alone in a terribly stressful situation.

But far from panicking, or crying, this incredible little girl sprung into action.

Acting on instinct alone, little Savannah made the trip back to her house all by herself. She even had to cross a few streets, too—quite the feat for a toddler.

When she arrived at her front door, she began banging and calling for help.

Savannah told her grandmother what happened—then led her to her unconscious mother.

(WXYZ Detroit/Screenshot)

“I opened the door and there she was, and she said, ‘you need to come quickly,’” Jan Fleming, Savannah’s grandmother, said. “‘My mommy fell and she can’t get up.'”

Savannah then led her grandparents the entire way back to where her mother lay unconscious. That was when they called emergency personnel who came and resuscitated Jessa—who had no idea what her daughter had done.

Needless to say, the whole episode left Savannah’s grandmother rather impressed.

“She just took charge of herself,” Fleming said.

Savannah was not taught this emergency procedure—it was all instinct.

(WXYZ Detroit/Screenshot)

Savannah’s grandparents weren’t the only ones who were impressed. The toddler’s actions weren’t just impressive because she was so young.

In fact, her mom or dad had never taught Savannah what to do in a crisis—this was all instinct and good sense. 

“I just couldn’t believe that she would know to run home and which house was ours, because she’s only 3,” Jessa told WXYZ Detroit“I was just super proud of her.” 

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