Man hands homeless woman a wad of cash then spies on her. What she buys has him utterly shocked

"That's too much."
October 7, 2017 12:02 pm Last Updated: March 25, 2018 9:39 am

YouTube personality Kevin Tran, who hosts the K3TV show, does everything from social experiments to pranks on his channel.

Occasionally, though, things get a bit serious. Rather than going for the funny reactions, he tries to do some good for someone in need—which is exactly what he did in this case.

A woman was sitting on the side of a building in Santa Monica when the show’s host, Das, approached her.

She admitted, after a brief conversation, that she was homeless.

That’s when Das offered her a gift; he handed her $283 cash, informing her that the money was to help her get through the day and hopefully keep her and her son from stretching themselves quite as thinly as they currently were.

At first, the woman wouldn’t take the money. “I can’t take this!” she insisted. “That’s too much.”

After some pushing, though, she agreed to accept the gift, asking for a hug and thanking the Lord for her good fortune. He made her promise to spend it on something good, shook hands, and left her be.

Although Das pretended to leave, the show stayed behind to follow the woman and see where she opted to spend the money. Without her realizing it, the show trailed her all the way to first a clothing store, then a sit-down cafe where she grabbed some ice cream.

Although she did plenty of window shopping, the woman didn’t actually make any purchases. Instead, she wandered farther and farther into Santa Monica, ultimately turning down a street that didn’t seem to have any places for her to spend her cash.

When the show follower her more closely, they realized where she was headed.

The show producers were so blown away that she’d passed over the material objects she could have spent her money on, instead bringing home another creature that needed love and companionship. They brought her to a pet store, buying her new friend food and supplies to make sure those first few nights together wouldn’t stretch her too thin.

They then gave her another financial gift, just to make sure she was well covered. All Das asked for in return was a hug—and as the woman cried with happiness, it became apparent that the pair were going to get along quite well. Sometimes, the best companion can be someone who doesn’t want something material—but instead, someone who hopes to have a positive impact on someone else in need, just like the homeless woman they met.

The unexpected twist to the story turned out to be incredibly touching.

As one commenter explained, “food can come everyday somehow but loneliness is horrible that’s why she got the dog so she won’t feel so alone.”

“She has been abandoned and forgotten by all of us.  Instead of spoiling herself, she uses whatever she has to give another abandoned living thing someone to love and look out for them,” wrote another.

Watch the video below: