Dog kept escaping her shelter. But when rescuers take her to vet—they finally discover reason why

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh she told us!"
October 4, 2017 12:00 pm Last Updated: January 20, 2018 6:32 pm

When Krystle and Allen Woodland received a call that a stray was constantly being sighted they had no idea that this would lead to one of the most dramatic rescue mission in the history of their shelter. The couple founded Pinky Paws ResQ, and they were well aware that it is very unusual that a dog escapes shelter more than one time.

The Woodlands trapped the meager golden-colored female stray dog with a harmless, but efficient method and nursed her lovingly at their 2.5 acre non-profit shelter.

Krystle works full time in order to finance the shelter and the Woodlands are very keen on the health and well-being of their rescued furry friends. But the dog, by then named “Betty Boop”, escaped the shelter through the fence more than once. And every time she was saved and brought back to the safe grounds of the shelter, this dog escapes shelter.

They did not understand why this dog escapes shelter time after time until Betty had to undergo a routine check-up with a vet.

The stubborn she-dog was indeed a nursing mother.

As soon as Krystle learned about Betty’s state she decided to take the dog and go on a search for the unattended litter. It was important that Betty trusted her rescuers enough to lead them to her puppies—and so the team got into a car and Krystle accompanied Betty for about two miles when she decided to go on by foot.

Betty previously had run away in that direction so Krystle hoped for her tactic to be efficient. Betty was on a leash whilst being filmed by her human friend—and she led Krystle straight to a deserted barn two miles from the shelter.

Eventually, Betty led Krystle to a door of the barn.

“Shall we? Are your babies in here,” Krystle asked.

They might just have found out why this dog escapes shelter over and over again. As soon as the door was opened, Betty got excited and Krystle said in astonishment “I hear something.”

The inside of the barn was partially rotten and for sure a good hiding spot for a litter of newborns. Krystle now shared Betty’s enthusiasm as she heard the puppies’ squeaky voices coming from a hole in a broken wood apron.

“Careful, it’s going to collapse!” was Krystle warned by her husband.

At this time the sun was almost gone and the rescuers needed flashlights. It was a potentially dangerous situation the couple was in. But when a dog escapes shelter there must be a good reason behind it. So they went on.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh she told us!” Krystle sobbed as she watched Betty Boop descend under the collapsed floor. The young mother was greeted by her babies with tender baby-barks of delight.

Krystle followed Betty into the hole and was overwhelmed with joy as she saw a bunch of healthy, happy black- and golden-furred puppies.

Her husband Allen took over the initiative and told his wife to get them. They proceeded by lifting one puppy after the other up and out of their unstable nursery while Betty watched her human friends. The puppies just seemed to be popping up, but after a while they seemed all to be there – put in a box for transport to the shelter. Now it was finally time for Betty to move out, too.

They found a total of eight puppies, then tried to move out. But Betty wouldn’t budge, and instead went back under the broken floor pieces.

It was clear that there were more puppies to be saved. It took flashlights and time, but after a lot of effort the Woodlands realized there were two more precious puppies, and now all of them were safe.

Betty Boop the stray had saved all her cherished babies by trusting her human friends. The dog escapes shelter every time they took her in and it was worth the effort in the end! The litter along with mama was taken to Pinky Paws ResQ shelter and fondly taken care of.