3 best friends saddened by stray dogs, so they took an overnight roadtrip—so shelter pups find homes

December 21, 2017 9:29 am Last Updated: December 21, 2017 9:29 am

Over 6 million animals are taken into shelters into the United States every year, according to the ASPCA. Even if many of these sweet dogs and cats would love nothing more than to find a lasting home, there’s only so much a shelter can do with the resources they are given.

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Best friends Eric Messinger, Alex Portera, and Brian Doochin are known as the Nowhere Men. Their purpose is simple: to make the world a better place.

“We make videos about real people around the world so we can all understand each other a little bit better,” they said in their Facebook bio.

They’ve traveled all over the world, from Mongolia to Great Britain, trying to help their viewers understand other cultures, and spreading positivity along the way.

Our Story – Ep. 049 – the Nowhere Men

Which 2 friends would you want to travel the world with? Our lives started out as normal as anyone’s… but an opportunity to travel the world changed everything.Together, we drove a car from London to Mongolia and then from NYC to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina:32 countries35,000+ miles on the road3 years x 365 days x 24 hours= 26,280 hours TOGETHER NONSTOPOur show is still in the works, and we're not sure what will happen to it. But we promise you'll know when we do.

Posted by Nowhere Men on Wednesday, November 1, 2017

One way they went about this is helping out a few of the millions of stray animals that are rescued by shelters. The three friends had recently taken a trip to South America, where they saw many more stray animals than in the U.S.  The pals then decided to do something about it.

The Nowhere Men traveled from NYC all the way down to Sumter, Georgia to meet with an animal shelter.

The shelter in Georgia was one of many southern shelters that take in many dogs and cats on a weekly basis. Given the intake of this specific shelter, many animals would have to be transported to different shelters to be given a better chance of finding a forever home.

Shelters in the north have a much higher adoption rate than those in the south. And the pets that weren’t able to find a home would eventually have to be put down.

Transporting the shelter animals north would be a big aspect of helping southern shelters. And this is where the Nowhere Men came in.

The Nowhere Men pledged to take five shelter dogs to a different shelter all the way in Maine, where they would hopefully get adopted.

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The trip would take 20 hours, and the three friends planned on going straight there. They would not stop for rest but would only take breaks for gas and coffee. At 5 pm, the gang had started their nonstop journey to the north.

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The trip wouldn’t be without roadblocks.

A minute into the drive, one of the dogs wasted no time going to the bathroom in its own crate. Thirty minutes in, a different dog threw up inside the car. And a few more hours in, Portera’s phone charger cord was ripped apart by one of the puppies!

Dealing with the dogs was harder than they expected.

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But they knew they couldn’t stop for every little inconvenience; the more they stopped, the longer the trip would take. So through it all, they kept on going, even if the car reeked of poop.

Different puppies would take turns riding shotgun. The three friends carried on, taking turns driving through the night, all the way until the morning.

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By noon the next day, the gang had finally arrived to their destination.

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Though they had grown attached to the puppies, the purpose of driving nearly 20 hours straight was to find these animals a home. The men handed them off to a local shelter, and hoped for the best. And it wasn’t even a long wait for the positive news to come.

Within two days of arriving, all five dogs had found their forever homes.

“What was amazing was truly meeting the people,” Doochin said. They were all glad to have helped these people, who also want to help society, just like the Nowhere Men.

This is just one act of kindness that the trio has done to spread some joy. The five dogs, who would’ve had an uncertain future had they stayed in the shelter in Georgia, can be loved and cherished with their new families, all thanks to the Nowhere Men.